Welcome to the step-by-step guide for solving Level 45 of the popular puzzle game, 100 Doors. Level 45 can be quite challenging, but with the right strategy and approach, you’ll be able to conquer it. This guide will walk you through each step, providing clear instructions to ensure your success. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Observe the Room

Take a moment to observe the room and familiarize yourself with the elements present. You’ll notice three panels on the wall, each labeled with a different number: 7, 5, and 9.

Step 2: The Numbers’ Significance

Pay attention to the numbers on the panels. These numbers represent the number of sides each shape on the door has. For instance, a square has four sides, a triangle has three sides, and so on. Remember this information, as it will be crucial for the next steps.

Step 3: Analyze the Door

Look closely at the door in the room. You’ll see various shapes with different numbers of sides arranged in a specific pattern. These shapes represent the correct order in which you should press the panels to open the door.

Step 4: Determine the Correct

Order To determine the correct order, count the number of sides on each shape from left to right, top to bottom. Note down the numbers of sides for each shape. For example, the first shape might have four sides, the second three sides, and so on.

Step 5: Align the Numbers

Now, align the numbers on the panels according to the order you obtained in Step 4. For instance, if the first shape had four sides, align the number 7 with the first panel. If the second shape had three sides, align the number 5 with the second panel, and so on.

Step 6: Press the Panels

Once you have aligned the numbers correctly, press each panel in the order determined by the numbers on the door. For example, if the door showed a shape with four sides first, press the panel labeled with the corresponding number. Repeat this step for all the shapes on the door, following the order from left to right, top to bottom.

Step 7: Open the Door

After pressing the panels in the correct order, the door should now open. Congratulations! You have successfully completed Level 45 of 100 Doors.


Level 45 of 100 Doors can be challenging, but by carefully analyzing the numbers on the panels, determining the correct order, and aligning and pressing the panels accordingly, you can open the door and progress to the next level. Remember to observe the room, pay attention to the shapes and their corresponding numbers of sides, and follow the pattern on the door. With these steps in mind, you are now ready to tackle Level 45 and continue your puzzle-solving journey in 100 Doors. Good luck and enjoy the game!

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