A brief overview of Dubai Hills Estate

Located in Mohammed bin Rashid, Dubai Hills Estate is a community under construction as part of another larger elite district. The community is near other parts of the city. The main target of construction companies in Dubai Hills Estate is luxury real estate. Property in Dubai Hills Estate can fulfill your dream of owning a house!

There is infrastructure on the outside.

The park system.

Pedestrian paths.

Shopping malls.

An educational institution.


Parks with amusement rides.

Dubai Hills Estate real estate information

Luxury connoisseurs should pay attention to five main residential complexes in Dubai Hills Estate, which are available on the real estate market:


The Vineyards.

Views of the grove.

As a group.

Houses in the MAG Eye neighbourhood.

In terms of demand, Maple and Sidra are the most popular options. For more information about real estate in Dubai Hills Estate, please visit Emirates Estate

How does the newly formed community function?

Luxury properties in Dubai Hills Estate

There are three different areas within the community from the perspective of urban planning:

In Dubai Hills Estate, there is a luxury residence next to an 18-hole golf course. A central, populated area within Parkways & Fairways.

An area of Dubai Hills Estate will be built of low-rise luxury houses. Numerous shops and cafes are planned for Dubai Hills Estate.

There are dense developments of townhouses and villas in the communities of Sidra and Maple in the third zone. 

Infrastructure: A guide to buying a home in Dubai Hills Estate

There are many opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are among the most technologically advanced cities in the world. Investors are highly interested in Dubai real estate. What are the benefits of investing in real estate in the UAE? 

Additional benefits of investing in Dubai Hills Estate

Why should you invest in UAE property?

Real estate law. Foreigners could not buy real estate in the UAE in full ownership until 2006. Under a law, foreigners can purchase housing in specially designated freehold areas, rent it out, or resell it. Property owners who rent out their properties earn a high income. Capital inflows into the country increased as a result of the initiative. Real estate and investment visas. The United Arab Emirates resident visas are available to foreigners. Real estate investment is one of the reasons. Depending on the value of the acquired property, a visa can be obtained in Dubai: It is valid when you purchase real estate for 750,000 AED ($204,000).

A five-year investment in real estate of 2 million AED ($544,000). Abu Dhabi follows the same rules for obtaining a five-year residence permit. Investors with investments may be eligible for ten-year visas. To do so, they must meet the following requirements:

Contribute at least AED 10 million ($2.7 million) to the country’s economic development;

Hold an investment fund deposit of at least AED 10 million;

Invest at least 10 million AED in a UAE company;

Make investments in all the areas mentioned, provided that other investments are also made.

Make up at least 60% of their total volume, other than real estate.

It is possible to obtain these visas for the investor’s family members (spouses, wives, and children).

3. Tax Paradise. Dubai, in particular, is tax-free on almost every aspect of the activity. Income from businesses and individuals is also tax-free. Banks and companies doing business in the oil and gas industries are subject to a special tax.


Possibility of remote purchase: Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer apartments, villas, townhouses, and offices that can purchased remotely. Especially among foreign investors, the practice is fairly common. A housing unit can selected, and a deal made without the buyer being in the country. A real estate specialist will handle all the paperwork.

Check out the website, and explore real estate in Dubai Hills Estate. Let yourself be the proud owner of a property in Dubai Hills Estate.