When having work done around your property, hiring quality professionals with the experience to get the job done right, including stucco repairs, is always a good idea. When using a qualified repair service, the job should be completed on time, and cleanup should be taken care of when the project is finished without imposition on the homeowner. 

If you are considering hiring a company for stucco work soon, ask the contractor these four questions before committing to the repairs. It is better to ask questions first than deal with shoddy work later from a stucco repair company in your area.   

1. Are You Licensed, Insured, and Bonded? 

Any company doing stucco work or repairs on your property must provide you with a copy of their current contractor’s license. A legitimate company in good standing will happily provide you with all the proof you need. Including insurance policies and their bond amount for damages. Beware of any contractor that hesitates to show proof of insurance or licensing with promises of a discount over what other local companies are charging. 

2. What Type of Products Do You Use?

Indeed, you often get what you pay for when hiring a company for home repairs, including stucco repairs. Not all stucco is the same, so it’s vital to use stucco that is right for your climate. Stucco is a reliable covering capable of weathering the elements. It can work in almost any environment with attention to the proper materials to prevent cracking and water damage. Ask about protective sealers to preserve the integrity of the job. Stucco is a composite of cement, water, sand, and lime.

3. Can You Provide References from Previous Jobs?

When hiring a stucco repair company to work on your property, ask for references. Although some people are embarrassed to ask, expecting solid references for a well-done job is perfectly acceptable. Contractors on the up and up will have no issues providing you with a list of satisfied customers. In addition, ask for the company website to check reviews and any grievances that may exist about the work performed. 

4. Do You Warranty Your Work?

When hiring a stucco repair company, ask about any guarantees in writing. A dependable company will have a warranty program to guarantee that the services live up to their claims and that the materials perform as expected. With straightforward remedies in case of product failure. The warranty terms should be clearly stated and, optimally.  Fully transferrable in the event of a sale for the duration of the warranty. 

Hire With Confidence

When you ask the right questions about contracting for stucco repairs, you can confidently hire a reputable stucco repair company. In addition to the above questions, ask for a written estimate before agreeing to any work being done on your property. Hiring well-qualified plasterers or stucco workers with a solid company. That stands behind their work lets you rest easy knowing you have paid for a job well done. 

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