As home improvement trends continue to change, PVCu (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) windows and doors have emerged as popular choices for homeowners seeking durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Despite their growing popularity, several myths persist about PVCu installations, leading homeowners to doubt their value and performance. This blog will aim to debunk six common misconceptions surrounding PVCu windows and doors, shedding light on the truth behind the assumptions. From misconceptions about their appearance and flammability to concerns about security and maintenance. This will explore the realities of modern uPVC technology.

They aren’t secure

This can also be linked to the idea that they’re bad quality. PVCu doors and windows are incredibly secure, made with modern materials that are designed to be robust. The security of each individual door and window depends on the manufacturer. Different manufacturers and suppliers have different standards of security, so the levels of protection for each household vary depending on where the doors and windows are from. At Trade Window Centre, they manufacture and supply PVCu windows and doors of the highest quality and energy efficiency. Made from Liniar’s sculptured profile, all of Trade Window Centre’s PVCu windows offer ultimate quality and strength for any home’s security, providing homeowners peace of mind. Similarly, Trade Window Centre’s PVCu doors provide equal levels of security with their durable multipoint locking systems. Along with their adherence to PAS24:2016 and Secured by Design standards.

PVCu doesn’t add value to a property 

Many homeowners think PVCu doesn’t perform well and is unsightly, and therefore doesn’t add curb appeal or value to a home. However, with modern PVCu doors and windows. Homeowners can be reassured that thanks to new technology and standards, their homes will be improved with PVCu installations. There are many ways that PVCu windows and doors can improve your home and add valuable characteristics. Including their weather resistance, their soundproofing qualities, their increased insulation, and their durability. 

PVCu doors and windows all look the same

Not all PVCu doors and windows have one, bland appearance, as their design and aesthetic options have evolved to cater to diverse preferences and architectural styles. PVCu is a versatile material for doors and windows, and manufacturers have embraced this flexibility to create a wide range of designs. Whether you prefer a traditional, classic look or a more modern and sleek design, uPVC products come in various colors, finishes, and configurations. Some are available in traditional wooden appearance frames, complete with textured finishes that replicate the grain of natural wood. Others may feature clean lines and minimalist profiles, suited for contemporary or industrial settings. Additionally, decorative elements, such as paneling, glass inserts, or unique hardware, contribute to the individuality of PVCu doors and windows. Ensuring that homeowners can find options that complement their specific aesthetic preferences and home styles.

They’re highly flammable

A common misconception about uPVC is that it isn’t a fire-resistant material. In reality, PVCu is flame retardant and won’t produce any smoke. Although no material is completely inflammable, PVCu is not readily combustible and therefore won’t ignite or act as fuel for a fire. Homeowners whose main concern is fire safety can be reassured that PVCu doors and windows will not contribute to the spreading of any fire and will remain structurally secure for a prolonged amount of time.

They’re flimsy

Many believe that because PVCu is a fairly new, artificial material, that it isn’t as durable as its timber counterparts. The refined technology and thorough construction in building these doors means that they are incredibly secure and can withstand even the toughest of forces. Also, because of their construction, they are less likely to warp, bow, fade, crack, or rot, as timber doors often do. This not only makes them a better decision for the more aesthetically conscious, it also provides many practical solutions.  

They’re high-maintenance

As a result of them being a new invention, many incorrectly believe that with modernity comes a lot of upkeep and the need for close monitoring. This isn’t true, however. PVCu doors and windows have been designed with convenience and quality as priorities. The same as any window or front door, they can become dirty and unsightly, however. This can be easily resolved by simply wiping them down with warm water and a cloth. 

In conclusion

Dispelling myths about PVCu windows and doors reveals their substantial benefits in home improvement. Far from lacking value, modern PVCu installations enhance homes with weather resistance, soundproofing, insulation, and durability. Diverse designs contradict the belief that all PVCu products look the same, and in addressing safety concerns, PVCu is flame retardant, secure, and low-maintenance. Debunking misconceptions about flammability, flimsiness, and high upkeep. Security standards vary among manufacturers, but with Trade Window Centre, homeowners are guaranteed high-quality, secure PVCu installations.

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