Besides the standalone bathtubs, shower cubicles are the first thing a person notices upon entering the bathroom. Regardless of your theme or style, rectangular shower enclosures act as centerpieces of any bathroom. 

Despite being a massive attention-gainer for a bathroom, most homeowners look for ways to make their shower enclosure look more aesthetically appealing – a fixture that accentuates the room’s outlook. Consequently, we see ever-so-famous and designer bathrooms turning into reality without instating gaudy elements. 

One might be surprised how creating the right rectangular shower enclosure look amplifies the style and elegance of the room. If you are after the same results, we have lined up some practical tips to make your rectangular shower enclosure look exquisite. 

Tip 1. Install Minimalism with Frameless Enclosure

Minimalism is selling like hotcakes. Most of the bathroom inspiration designs you see on the internet are concentrated on minimalism. A frameless rectangular shower enclosure with sleek edges, clean borders, clear glass panels, and a plain shower tray creates that perfect imagery that appeals to modern design preferences. 

While it seems devoid of any intricate design, minimalism creates a sophisticated appeal no intricate design can. The utterly simple look may instate an elegant and classic look to the room, but they are challenging to maintain and upkeep. 

Tip 2. Choose a Shower Door That Fits the Style of Your Bathroom

it is important to choose one that will fit seamlessly into the existing décor. For example, a glass shower door for a rectangular shower cubicle can provide a modern look, while a wood frame can add a touch of tradition. Ultimately, the right choice will depend on your personal preference. However, keep in mind that the style of your shower enclosure should not be the only factor considered when making your decision. You will also need to take into account the size and layout of your bathroom. As well as the type of fixtures and fittings you have in place. By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can be sure to choose a shower enclosure that is both stylish and functional.

Tip 3. Instate a Theme with Aluminium Frame

Despite being a prevalent theme in modern architecture, minimalism isn’t for everybody. People who prefer quirky styles or bold elements in a room would prefer going with an aluminium frame. If frameless showers seem quite placid and dull, perhaps a touch of dedicated corners will spruce up your bathroom better. 

As for the metal frame, you have the freedom to go with the glossy stainless-steel look or infuse the matt-black option to create an eclectic look. The best part is that framed cubicles go well with dark and light textured tiles in the background. 

Tip 4. Install the Sliding Doors for Convenience – or Keep it Open

Whether your bathroom is short on space to afford a swinging door. Or you just want convenient access, sliding doors make a suitable fixture for a rectangular shower enclosure. With the lengthy side walls, sliding doors offer broad entry access. 

Besides the extensive range of styles, you can have your doors customized to your bathroom’s setting, but everything requires some upkeep. Why afford the hassle of cleaning and maintaining the sliding door when you can simply leave the entrance open? 

If sliding glass rectangular shower enclosure doors seem too inconvenient, keeping an open entryway also seems a viable option for modern bathrooms. And if you have elderly people with mobility issues living in your home, you might not find a better solution. 

Tip 5. Keep the Glass Transparent to Amplify the Space

No doubt, textured glass panels provide direly needed privacy. The blurred glass panels may disturb your bathroom’s premium look and feel. Not to mention if you have a compact bathroom layout, having glass panels that block out the refraction of light will make your bathroom feel more congested. 

Transparent glass panels might lack privacy and be hectic to clean, but they imbue a luxe appeal to the bathroom. As more light refracts through the panels, clear glass panels create a sense of open space even in a compact bathroom. So, if you want to make your bathroom look virtually limitless, transparent glass panels are the ones to go with.

Tip 6. Install a Rainfall Shower Head for a Luxurious Experience

For many people, the shower is a daily ritual that helps them to wake up and get ready for the day ahead. However, the standard shower head in a rectangular shower enclosure can often leave something to be desired. A rainfall shower head, on the other hand, can provide a truly luxurious experience. Rainfall shower heads are designed to mimic the natural flow of rain, providing a gentle and relaxing stream of water. In addition, many models come equipped with LED lights and built-in speakers, allowing you to create your own personal oasis. Whether you’re looking for a way to relax after a long day or simply want to upgrade your showering experience, a rainfall shower head may be the perfect option for you.

Final Thoughts

Rectangular shower enclosures can be both practical and highly functional parts of your bathrooms. These look great but if you want to take your bathroom looks to the next level then you will need to follow the previously discuss tips to get things done. All of these tips will not require many financial costs but will be helpful in making a rectangular shape cubicle the center of attention. 

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