Community curb appeal is essential to neighborhood and property value because it upholds the aesthetic appeal to potential buyers. Neglecting community curb appeal is a quick way to deter buyers and upset existing residents. For this reason, homeowners’ associations need to budget funds to prioritize services and upgrades that improve community curb appeal. Here are six projects to consider.

Upgrade Street Lights

While it’s unarguably essential to replace broken street lights immediately, it’s just as important to upgrade bulbs and fixtures routinely. Broken and flickering street lights are not just unsettling for horror film fans, but these cosmetic flaws can degrade neighborhood curb appeal rapidly. Polycarbonate street light globes are the most suitable option for high-density discharge lamps. These street globes provide high-density resistance and exceptional durability that can even withstand vandalism.

Repaint Often

Next to flickering street lights, fading and cracking exterior wall paint suggests a dilapidating and unkempt community. The exterior walls of buildings must be repainted routinely to uphold superior neighborhood curb appeal. It’s recommended to repaint exterior walls every five to ten years with high-quality wall paint. Moreover, you can rely on pressure washing services to maintain the appearance of buildings between repainting.

Repairing Sidewalks

Homeowners can do their best to uphold property curb appeal, but if the sidewalks and concrete curbs are cracking and falling apart, the property will still seem neglected. Road and sidewalk maintenance is essential for community curb appeal. While HOAs must have sidewalks repaired and cleaned routinely, it’s also crucial to repair potholes and flaws in neighborhood roads to lure potential buyers and keep residents content. 

Invest In Commercial Landscaping

While residents will need to tend to their own gardens, homeowner’s associations are responsible for all landscaping outside of properties. It’s best to opt for low-maintenance landscaping plans that require less upkeep. Moreover, relying on a commercial landscaping service is the only way to keep up with weekly landscaping chores.

Build Community Attractions

Playgrounds, recreational parks, sports grounds, and even community halls are all exceptionally valuable amenities in any neighborhood. These upgrades can add substantial value to community curb appeal. Moreover, playgrounds, parks, and sports grounds are all relatively affordable investments. Aside from the initial facility development costs, these upgrades require minimal maintenance.

Upgrade The Little Details

House numbers, street signs, park benches, permanent planters, and front door or gate decor are all little details that homeowner’s associations can upgrade to boost community curb appeal. These cosmetic upgrades will give older buildings a new appearance, while street details like new lighting and house numbers will keep the neighborhood looking modern and well-kept. In addition to the above, homeowner’s associations should also develop a professional website for the community to attract protection buyers. With this, it’s essential to keep the website updated and user-friendly.

There are tons of practical ways to maintain superior community curb appeal, but HOAS must budget for each upgrade cost while also accommodating third-party services like commercial landscaping, pressure washing, building maintenance, and others.

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