Renovating a bedroom is not a one-size-fits-all option. While some homeowners look forward to making the bedroom serene others prefer energetic features. No matter what you want from your bedroom, there are ways to achieve your goal. However, the remodeling ideas are likely to vary based on your budget and the look you want to refresh the space.

There are endless options to play with during home renovation in Vancouver BC but seeking professional help is necessary. If you want to know why rely on someone with countless years of experience working on bedroom remodeling and feel happy about the endeavours and the effects. Once you determine the budget for the renovation, you are halfway through and can decide on the options quickly and complete the work in as little as seven days.

1.   Bold ceiling color

If you are planning to paint the four walls white, let the ceiling or the fifth wall represent the bolder accent. The entire space can be transformed easily if you pick a dark shade for the ceiling.

2.   Add a seating area

One of the top preferences of homeowners should be to reserve the bed for sleep only. So, keep the bed for sleep and have a defined seating area to be used for reading, late-night work, studying, or attending phone calls during the Vancouver renovation.

3.   Improve the lighting accents

Lighting is one of the aspects of transforming the bedroom in seven days. It is truly one of the massive parts you need to change. A few reasons you may need light in the bedroom are for reading, relaxing, and being ready to go to bed. Accordingly, you can add a chandelier to add some drama while keeping the room as elegant as it is right now. Be sure to choose a small chandelier even if you have a defined seating area. Before buying, find out whether the bedroom ceiling is high and pick a light that stays in the center of the room. The wall scones create excellent lighting and are available in various sizes and shapes. Choose recessed lighting as an excellent accent to give life to the renovation. It gives a feeling of the illusion that the bedroom ceiling is high. Pick an option you feel is right and complements the decor and design idea.

4.   Bedroom flooring ideas

Would you prefer to change the flooring of the bedroom? It is pretty much achievable within seven days. Change to a wooden floor with area rugs to spell luxury in the bedroom. Just make sure the rug you buy is a trendy one that fits your budget.

5.   Creating more space

When it comes to custom home renovations, you need to pay attention to the budget as addition may be essential. Naturally, you may need to replace a wall and add a door instead. A door in the bedroom is a good choice if you have a bathroom next to it. Moreover, you can create an entire suite and save the hassle of moving through the hall at night. Have a hearty talk with your contractor to decide whether removing the wall is worth your budget or resonates with the deadline projection.

6.   Change bedroom decor and furniture

To renovate luxury custom homes in Vancouver you will not only need the experts’ opinions but change the decor and furniture. Keeping in mind that you have already had a home addition, it is time you go for luxury bedding and invest in a new bed frame and a mattress. Pick the colors and designs to change an understated space and fill it up with several luxurious elements. The aim should be to change the look of the entire room.

7.   Get more storage space

Just like the other spots you renovate in the house, you may also need to rev up inadequate storage. Unfortunately, the bedroom is one of the greatest offenders when it comes to renovating bedrooms. Chances are you have a small floor space. Now, what are your plans? Get built-in storage space for dressers and wardrobes to ensure that everything in the bedroom is accessible and handy. So, you can have your bed, a seating area, shelves, and beautiful overhead lighting.

When renovating the bedroom, do not make the space overcrowded with furniture or furnishings. Make the bedroom design simple but serve multiple purposes to the user. If you follow these compact ideas to remodel your bedroom, you will enjoy the space and comfort fully.

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