The light of your home has always cared about you unconditionally and supported you in all your ups and downs. She brings happiness and joy to your life and an immense amount of love you both share ceaselessly. Showing your utmost support and deep love to her occasionally to keep the heat constant between you two. Hence, bringing her enchanting blossoms to show your massive gratitude for being the most perfect soulmate. This way she will acknowledge the fact that you respect her support and find her special.

There are numerous blooms to express your affection for her on different occasions or even simply when you wish to bring a smile to her face :


You can simply surprise your amazing wife with captivating roses on any day, any time. You can bring her red roses to express your perpetual love and fondness. Adding pink roses will add a spark of humility, appreciation, and adoration for your beloved. She will ultimately feel loved and admired. You can surprise her with a massive bouquet of roses on your first anniversary or on a special date. The florists in Arlington VA have arranged an appealing bouquet of roses for your darling.


Chrysanthemums or button mums are gorgeous blooms with significant symbolisms like devoutness, spirituality, and loyalty. You can startle your spouse with white chrysanthemums on her birthday to show your immense faithfulness in your relationship. These blooms depict holiness which means you want her to know about the purity that she brings to you. When she has been a gentle friend with you since before you tied knots then present her pink mums to remind her of the companionship and good times you both cherish.


When your wife is having mood swings lately and needs some cheering, then bring her compelling carnation flowers. The mesmerizing aroma of white carnations with the touch of wise notes would soothe your wife’s mood. Pink carnations are eye-catching and bring calmness to one’s mind. The fluffy texture of these blooms is quite comforting. Your wife would admire such a gift during her difficult times. Delphiniums

You can decorate your bedroom with delphiniums on your wedding anniversary to emphasize the goodwill of your wife. The blue delphinium often connotes mutual respect and dignity between a couple. You can also give this bloom to your spouse as a good luck wish when she needs your love and support before her new journey. The flower shops in Fairfax VA have marvelous bouquets of delphinium blooms to hypnotize your wife at once.


Lilies are associated with multiple serene emotions and gestures. You can bring your wife red lilies which are rare with a mixture of white lilies which are quite common in the flower world. These blooms would suggest the meanings of heartfelt love and passion for your beloved wife. Gifting her stargazer lilies on a special occasion would mean that you feel gentle and sincere feelings for her.


If you consider your wife unique than any other woman you have ever met, present her red snapdragons. These blooms signify deep love and fascination. You can tell her you find her gentle and adore her shyness by gifting her pretty pink snaps. When you gift her pink snaps this would also mean that you appreciate her beauty. The flower delivery in Vienna VA is swift and promises fresh blooms on your doorway.


You can flourish her with encouragement and energy with the vibrant gerberas picked straight from the garden. The orange gerbera is keen to show courage, hope, and faithfulness. Therefore, this bloom can be given to your spouse to motivate her toward her achievements. She will surely be successful with the strength you put through the gift of red gerberas and orange gerberas. Red gerberas will denote immense love for her.


These blossoms will shine your relationship brighter than ever. Your love will grow stronger and your home will be surrounded by merriment. You can visit our online flower shopping website at Greensleeves Florist and surprise your wife with some of the startling bouquets. We have commendable flower arrangements for you with a soothing aroma.