I’m going to cover 7-meter planting mistakes to avoid. Now if you avoid these mistakes you will be able to grow really big beautiful Tomatoes that taste amazing.

Fertilizing :

Number one fertilizing now you might think tomatoes need a lot

of fertilizers but that is not true. If you provide a lot of nitrogen to tomato plants, they will become huge and bushy and grow a lot of foliage. But not enough fruit, so do not fertilize your tomatoes with lots of nitrogen.

Always use slow-releasing fertilizers such as commoner or pelleted chicken manure or feather meal or bone meal.

Sunlight :

Number two sunlight you must use an area carefully that receives a lot of sunlight. Tomatoes need at least seven to

eight hours of direct sunlight to grow really big beautiful tomatoes. Now there are certain Tomatoes that can grow in

shade such as cherry tomatoes. Most cherry tomatoes grow well in shade and they produce a lot of tomatoes. However to grow heirloom tomatoes you must plant the tomato plants in an area that receives full sunlight.

Spacing :

 Number three is spacing if you plant tomatoes too close you’ll have a lot of mess on your hands. You’ll have lots of plants with lots of foliage and you’ll have a bushy mess you will have trouble

picking tomatoes. And your Tomatoes will also compete with each other for resources. The optimal spacing for tomato plants is 24 inches to 36 inches apart. Which will produce the best tomatoes and the optimal yields.

Plant Tomatoes :

Number 4 is planting tomatoes now a lot of people will plant

tomatoes just like any other plant and they will leave a lot of stems above ground. And the plants will topple over you must always plant tomato plants sideways. Which is the optimal way of planting tomatoes.

This way all the roots are covered in soil and most of the stem

is covered in soil as well and this stem will produce a lot more roots. Which will help in the absorption of more nutrients.

Removing Suckers :

Number 5 removing suckers now you’ll actually have to remove circus from tomato plants. However, if you’re growing in determinate tomatoes it is better to remove circles from the tomato plant. So all the energy goes toward one stem to

produce a lot of tomatoes and a lot of big tomatoes as well suckers are little.

Offshoots that grow between a stem and a branch and you can just remove the suckers by pinching them off or by cutting them off. However, if your green determinant Tomatoes do not remove

suckers from those places because those suckers will produce a lot more flowers. A lot more Tomatoes and determinant tomato varieties grow all.

The tomatoes all at once so you don’t want to inhibit the plant from growing all of those. Tomatoes so always know what kind of variety of tomatoes you’re growing. Whether it’s in indeterminant or determinant. I love to grow indeterminate

tomatoes specially cherry tomatoes. I let my cherry tomato plants grow about six to seven shoots.