Designing a house in the Spanish style is an art that involves embracing the warmth of Mediterranean influences and intricate details. Mrs. Riley Nelson is an art collector and amateur interior designer. She has designed two of her houses in Spanish style. Here are some of her tips.

Spanish architecture means timeless elegance. Mrs. Riley began by choosing materials that echoed the rustic charm of Spain. Terracotta tiles, wrought iron, and stucco walls serve as the foundation for her aesthetic. She considered incorporating hand-painted ceramic tiles, known as azulejos.

Courtyards and Alcoves:

No Spanish-inspired home is complete without a central courtyard. Mrs. Riley knew this. So, her courtyard acts as the heart of the house, providing a private area with lots of natural light. She advised adding archways and columns, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

Warm Color Palette:

You read those architecture magazines and wondered how beautiful and vibrant the houses look. It is because they use bright colors to paint the house. Transport the vibrancy of the Spanish landscape into your home by embracing warm shades. Think sun-drenched yellows, rustic oranges, and deep terracotta reds. These hues not only evoke the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. On the other hand, these colors also contribute to a cozy and inviting atmosphere. She integrated these colors strategically through textiles, wall finishes, and furniture to achieve a harmonious balance.

Ornate Details and Archways:

Spanish architecture is known for its ornate detailing and arches. These arches add a touch of grandeur. If you want to feel rich and luxurious, these arches will help you achieve that. Mrs. Riley Incorporated decorative wrought iron elements in railings and light fixtures. She knows that arched doorways and windows play a pivotal role in capturing the essence of Spanish architectural style. In both of her houses, plenty of arches can be seen. 

Window Shutters:

You cannot think of Spanish houses and not think of window shutters. They not only add beauty to your house, they also increase your property value. Window shutters are a quintessential Spanish element that shouldn’t be overlooked. These functional yet decorative additions not only offer shade but also contribute to the overall charm of the house. Choose wooden custom window shutters in earthy tones to complement the color palette. If you want something contrasting, you may choose something in vibrant colors. The rhythmic play of light and shadow created by these shutters adds depth and character to each room.

Spanish Tiles:

She elevated the flooring of her Spanish-inspired home with intricate Spanish tiles. You may choose the classic geometric patterns of encaustic tiles for a layer of authenticity to your space. Use them in entryways, kitchens, or bathrooms to create a visual masterpiece that pays homage to Spanish craftsmanship. For more inspiration, you can always browse through the Pinterest application. You will find enough inspiration for decorating and choosing your tiles. 

Furniture with Character:

Mrs. Riley understands that dark wood furniture with carved details goes with her Spanish-styled homes. Plush upholstery in rich, textured fabrics can anchor the aesthetic. At the end of the day, it is your house and the furniture will tell your story. So, be creative and design the best possible way.

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