Do you want to revamp your home?

Or have you just bought a new house and want to make it look aesthetic?

Whatever your reasons are, we would recommend you try flush doors. You can be as creative as you want with the flush doors and give your house a European feel. There are a lot of decor ideas you will find on the internet, but when it comes to doors, people get skeptical.

For an urban setting Flush, doors are the best option. They are available in a range of options and suit almost every setting. They are not just aesthetically appealing but also enhance functionality.

In this blog, we will talk about how modern flush and veneer doors can change the complete look of your home. So let’s dive in.

But before that, let’s talk about Flush doors and how they are different from other types of doors.

Flush Doors-

Flush doors have flat surfaces and are made up of plywood, clutched with a wooden frame, and packed with wood fillers. Further, their surfaces are laminated to make them look polished. In India, there are a variety of flush doors available. These doors are manufactured in factories and are lightweight. When it comes to quality, they are quite durable if good quality plywood is chosen. Moreover, Flush doors are easier to install and require less maintenance.

Panel doors-

On the other hand, Panel doors have horizontal rails and vertical stiles. They are often made up of fiberglass or wood. Panel doors are manufactured on-site. Panel doors can stay for longer only if good quality wood is chosen and maintained properly because they are made of natural wood.

Reasons why Flush doors are the best choice:

Flush doors are in trend:

Flush doors are the perfect blend of beauty and safety, and that’s why they are the first choice of most homeowners. They bind the whole home interior together, making it look polished. For someone who likes clean and sophisticated design, wooden flush doors are the best choice. These kinds of doors add a statement to the entryway where they are placed.

Enhance the look with a Veneer door:

Working from home is the new normal these days, and most people prefer to do the same. But working from home requires a separate space where you can focus on your work sincerely. However, with small apartments these days, it’s hard to create that separate corner. But adding a veneer flush door can make a huge difference. They are extremely functional and even add a sense of style to your home. Besides, they are super affordable.

Try different Variants:

If you are bored of looking at the space door for the longest time, then it’s time to spice up the space with something different. You can break the monotony by adding new flush doors of a different variant. Wooden flush doors are a great option. You can also customize the designs as per your choice or create a pattern using veneer on the door to give it a contemporary feel. These doors are laminated, thus ensuring durability. Moreover, laminates are also available in different varieties, such as matte, textured, or high-gloss. Additionally, they are available in a variety of shades and colors. Thus you can go creative and customize the door as per the aesthetics of your house.

Require less maintenance:

These modern flush and veneer doors are quite easier to clean and maintain as they are covered with stain and scratch-resistant material. Also, they are decay-proof, waterproof, and thus stay longer.

You just need to wipe the surface with a cleaner using a damp cloth. Moreover, you can also get it polished twice a year if required. Besides, they are budget friendly as they are made up of thin wooden slices, not natural wood logs.


Doors are the first thing that appears when you enter your house or when guests come over. It says a lot about your home and your personality. An unwelcoming door can instantly turn off your spirit and interfere with the natural elegance of the house. Thus, choosing the right door is very important to maintain the aesthetics of the house.

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