If you are putting your money and time into something, you always make sure that it is worth it. Sometimes, you do your research and find it out, and other times, you learn it the hard way. The CenturyPromise app has brought this verification of the authenticity of your plywood to your hands and at your fingertips.

With increased cloning and copying of popular and renowned brands, people are often subjected to duplicity, which leads to the wastage of money and poor quality of the product. No one should be put through this exhaustion.

We come to you with a solution for this problem, to keep the scammers away from you and provide you with authentic and good quality plywood by CenturyPly, by introducing you to CenturyPromise App. This app is very easy to use and always available for you with no charges. It always gives you genuine results and keeps you safe from fake plywood.

Why should the plywood quality be checked?

While the cheap options may seem attractive in the beginning, they might prove to be a huge headache in the future. The duplicity and scamming have increased in the past couple of years, as per the reports. New buyers need to be more careful.

Its probably not durable and might shrink or expand when put through weather conditions, and has no water-resistant properties. It also has a short life and is not as flexible as original CenturyPly and quality plywood. It decays and rots at a greater speed giving birth to various safety and damage issues in the house.

Not just these issues, they bring in various health hazards with them as well. Excessive dust from these is bad for your lungs. It might also summon termites and borers into your home which further causes infections.

How to use the CenturyPromise App?

As mentioned above, this is a very easy-to-use application. By following three easy steps, know the quality and authenticity of your chosen plywood and do a quality plywood check.

Step-1: Download the CenturyPromise app from your google play store or iOS or any other app store. This app is available on most of them.

Step 2: If you are already a user and have availed benefits of the app, you might already have an existing account. Tap on ‘already a promise app member?’, log yourself in, and go ahead. On the other hand, if you are a first-time user, you will be asked to create an account. In this case, click on ‘register to use and fill in all the necessary credentials like name, mobile number, email id, etc. Once you are inside the app, move toward

Step 3: You are now free to check the authenticity of your plywood. Click on the QR code scanner or enter the QR code manually and confirm the quality within seconds. If the quality is authentic, you will be asked to go ahead with it. But if not, a crystal-clear message saying, ‘Not genuine CenturyPly product’ will appear on the screen. In that case, get in contact with your plywood seller and demand a real CenturyPly product.

This app saves you the precious time that you otherwise might have spent researching. This is your one-stop solution for the quality check. This app also has various advantages over just the quality check.

For regular users, offers are provided to get CenturyPly quality plywood at a cheaper rate. It is also beneficial for contractors and retailers, not just the customers.


CenturyPly is ranked at the top of India’s best Plywood brands by various prestigious websites and magazines. It is the best plywood manufacturer in India and you can put your utmost trust in it. And now, with the CenturyPromise app, this trust can be tighter than ever. Its motto tells you everything you need to know, ‘CenturyPly: Where Innovation Meets Quality.