Do you have marble floors in your home/office? If yes, you must find the perfect way to clean the floor. Marble floors require extra care, and not polishing them for years will make them look dull and worn out.

No matter how much you clean them, they still look dull and dirty. The reason may be the inappropriate use of products or cleaning techniques. If that is the case, we have got you covered. Our guide will help you restore the marble floors in your home and maintain them for a long time.

It is okay that homeowners have no idea how to polish or clean a marble floor. The reason is that there is a trend to hire a professional to do the job. However ac Duct Cleaning Company Dubai, our marble floor polish, cleaning, and maintenance guide

will answer your questions.

Let’s start!

Tips for maintaining marble floor and preventing damage

Marble floors are luxury. Therefore, it’s crucial to protect the delicate surface. Here are a few strategies to prevent significant harm:

Clean spills as soon as it happens

Marble will absorb liquids and standing water because of its porous surface, including spills and stains. Your marble will either become stained or lose its color when this occurs.

Cleaning spills as soon as they occur is the best course of action. Blot up the spill using a moist microfiber cloth. To prevent the spreading of the liquids, begin at the edges and go toward the middle.

Prevent air-drying marble floor

It can be disastrous to let your marble floors air dry. Marble absorbs water and detergent when the floor air dries. Your flooring will be stained or discolored as a result.

After mopping the floor, always dry it with a clean cloth or towel. It’s advisable to properly wring out the clothing after washing to use as little water as possible.

It may be more challenging to clean marble floors because of the added step of rinsing and drying them. But doing so will preserve the delicate surface and produce the greatest results.

Use mild cleaning detergents.

Always use a pH-neutral detergent if you decide to use one on your floors. These pH-neutral cleaning solutions are gentle on marble floors and can be used without risk. However, compared to acidic or alkaline products, they are less effective at getting rid of stubborn stains.

Cleaning several types of flooring, including tiles and hardwood, is frequently done using vinegar. When it comes to marble, this is not acceptable. Because vinegar has an acidic pH of two or three, it will harm the surface.

Avoid Citrus cleaners such as orange or lemon, ammonia, and ceramic floor cleaners.

Felt pads to remove scuff marks

Dragging furniture across the floor can leave scuff marks, and so can wearing sneakers or other shoes. Scuff marks on your gorgeous marble floors can be upsetting, regardless of the reason.

When you mop, most scuff marks should be easy to remove. However, you can use a tennis ball or felt pad if you come across a few stubborn marks. Rub the floor while following the grain after lightly spraying the pad with water and mild detergent.

Carpets and rugs for safety

Adding a few carpets or rugs in high-traffic areas can help keep the flooring from deteriorating. Doormats by entrances can also serve as a polite reminder to guests to wipe their shoes off or take them off.

Using vibrant rugs and carpets is a great way to display your sense of style and taste. Combine and contrast various colors and patterns. They’ll help keep your feet toasty in the winter because marble may get chilly.

Professional marble floor polishing

Professionals have the experience and correct techniques to complete the job on time and with the best results. Let us quickly reveal each step of professional marble floor polishing.


Marble is prone to stains because of its porous nature. Therefore, basic cleaning is the first step in polishing and restoring marble flooring. Usually, it is covered by the project’s budget offered by the cleaning company.

Professional cleaners begin by properly brushing the floors before using a penetrating chemical to help remove dirt and grease that may have seeped into the stone. A specific vacuum is used to remove the chemical.


The second phase involves removing surface imperfections with the help of abrasive chemicals, sanding discs, and polishing pads. It is only performed on worn-out flooring. Experts restore the marble floors using a liquid, spray, or powder-based stone polishes once the stone has been fixed. The floors are often polished with a spherical rotating polishing machine.


Professionals reseal the floor’s surface once it has been polished and restored to prevent stains. Additionally, it keeps the stone looking fresh and brilliant for longer.

It is typically necessary to apply several layers of sealants at a suitable interval to achieve the best results. However, each project requires a different amount and method of applying sealant.

DIY marble floor maintenance

The rest of the job comes down to the homeowners. They have to maintain the cleanliness of the marble floors. We have a DIY guide to help you with this step.


It is the basic cleaning of a marble floor. Start with vacuuming the dirt off the floor. The preferable tool for cleaning is a vacuum. However, if you have a mop at home, that will do the job just fine. You have to ensure that the mop is soft, so it will not damage the floor.

You can use natural floor cleaners or any non-acidic cleaner available on the market. To remove the stains from the floor, use simple ammonia or a water and bleach solution. Let the solution sit for a while before you clean it off.


To polish the floor at home, use a simple solution of water and baking soda. It is an eco-friendly and economical alternative cleaning service Dubai. Spread the mixture on the floor and let it sit for five hours before you wipe it off with a microfiber cloth in smooth circular motions.


You can use any high-quality store-bought sealant for this purpose. Use a clean paintbrush to apply most of these goods on the floor. Before adding a fresh layer, let the floor thoroughly dry. Apply three to five sealant applications to the stone for the finest effects.

Wrap up – Best marble floor polishing company in Dubai

Marble floors can be challenging to clean, but if you utilize our advice and are careful with your cleaning products, you can maintain your marble flooring for years without spending a fortune on pricy cleaners and supplies.

However, marble floors lose their shine after a few years. More is needed, no matter what cleaning solutions and techniques you use. The floor starts to accumulate hard-to-remove dust and appears cracked.

A professional cleaning service like Pro Cleaning can give you the peace of mind that everything in your home has been thoroughly cleaned. Contact us today to learn more!