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What are Mortise Locks?

Normally, mortise locks are a great option when it comes to high security and steady locks. So, mortice locks can combine strength and usefulness. Moreover, these are the cornerstone of door security. 

Popular for both residential and commercial properties, these locks are well-known for their sturdy construction and secure mechanism. It is necessary to have a good locksmith to help you with solutions professionally. 

Here we will present you different kinds of mortice locks, describing their special qualities and ideal applications. But when you want to make a choice, you would need the help of an expert. 

More About Most Popular Types Of Locks

There are many door lock options when thinking about installing a new lock. For sure, Clapham Locksmith London is the best locksmith in Clapham that can advise you on this topic. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask more about this subject. Of course, some of the most popular locks are popular for a reason. So, here are a few details about each type of lock.

1. Deadlocks

Description: Deadlocks are the simplest form of mortice locks, consisting of a single bolt that is operated by a key.


  • It is highly secure due to its basic yet robust mechanism.
  • Typically used with other locks for extra security.

Best For: Exterior doors that require high security, such as front doors and back doors.

2. Sash Locks

Description: This is a combination between a deadbolt with a latch mechanism. Usually, it is operated by a handle.


  • Provides both security and convenience.
  • The latch keeps the door closed without needing to lock it. At the same time, the deadbolt offers extra security.

Best For: Internal doors in homes and offices where ease of access is needed along with security.

3. Nightlatches

Description: Night latches are also known in London as rim locks. So, nightlatches are fitted on the surface of the door. These are usually alongside a mortice lock for more security.


  • Automatically locks the door when closed.
  • Easy to operate from inside without a key.

Best For: Main entry doors that require quick access and egress, often used in residential buildings.

4. Bathroom Locks

Description: These locks are specifically designed for bathroom doors, incorporating a latch and a simple deadbolt.


  • Includes a thumb turn on the inside for privacy.
  • Can be unlocked from the outside in emergencies using a coin or flathead screwdriver.

Best For: Bathrooms and other internal rooms where privacy is essential.

5. Euro Profile Cylinder Locks

Description: These locks use a Euro cylinder that can be easily replaced if necessary.


  • Commonly used in conjunction with multi-point locking systems.
  • Versatile and available in various security levels.

Best For: Doors requiring frequent key changes or where multi-point locking is needed, such as patio doors.

6. Horizontal Mortice Locks

Description: These locks are similar to sash locks but have a horizontal keyhole, making them suitable for certain door designs.


  • Provides the same functionality as a sash lock.
  • Aesthetic appeal for specific door styles.

Best For: Period properties and doors where traditional aesthetics are important.

7. Mortice Latches

Description: Mortice latches do not include a locking mechanism and are used primarily to keep doors closed.


  • Operated by a handle or knob.
  • Can be used with separate deadbolts for added security.

Best For: Internal doors where locking is not required, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

8. Cylinder Mortice Locks

Description: These locks combine the mortice mechanism with a cylinder lock, providing flexibility and high security.


  • The cylinder can be easily replaced without removing the entire lock.
  • Available in different profiles, including Euro and Oval cylinders.

Best For: High-security applications, commercial buildings and residences.


Select a reputable locksmith to assist you anytime you need assistance. Locksmiths can help you whenever you need. If you are looking to replace your door lock or open your door safely. However, selecting the appropriate mortise lock varies greatly among individuals. 

Try and keep in mind the specific requirements of the door and the desired level of security. There’s always a solution and you can get more alternatives for your door locks. 

Either you are choosing robust deadlocks to the convenient sash locks, the locksmith will help you make your best choice. Each type of lock offers unique features that work with different situations. So, it’s good to have all the details in mind when making your choice.

The right mortice lock can provide peace of mind and enhance the overall safety of your property.

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