Plasticville buildings have been cherished by collectors and enthusiasts for decades. These miniature structures capture the essence of vintage Americana, offering a glimpse into the past. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through a comprehensive list of Plasticville buildings, showcasing their unique features and timeless charm.

The Plasticville Schoolhouse:

One of the most iconic Plasticville buildings is the Schoolhouse. With its classic red brick design and white windows, it evokes a sense of nostalgia. The Schoolhouse is a perfect addition to any train layout or diorama, adding a touch of authenticity and character.

Plasticville Fire Station:

For those interested in emergency services, the Plasticville Fire Station is a must-have. Its vibrant red exterior and detailed features, such as the fire truck bay and fireman’s pole, make it a standout piece. This building brings action and excitement to any Plasticville display.

Plasticville Church:

The Plasticville Church represents the heart of any community. With its steeple and traditional architecture, it adds a touch of elegance and spirituality to any model town. The interior can be customized with pews and a pulpit, allowing for personalization and attention to detail.

Plasticville Gas Station:

The Gas Station is a quintessential part of the Plasticville collection. Featuring pumps, signage, and a service bay, it recreates the charm of old-fashioned gas stations. This building is a favorite among collectors who appreciate the history and nostalgia associated with vintage automobiles and transportation.

Plasticville Airport:

Let your imagination take flight with the Plasticville Airport. Complete with a control tower, runway, and hangar, this building brings the excitement of aviation to your model world. Whether you’re a fan of airplanes or want to create a bustling transportation hub, the Airport is an essential addition.

Plasticville Post Office:

The Post Office is a vital component of any community, and Plasticville captures its essence beautifully. This building features mailboxes, a loading dock, and even a postal worker figure. The Post Office is an excellent choice for those who wish to create a bustling town scene with realistic details.

Plasticville Farmhouse:

The Farmhouse adds a touch of rural charm to your Plasticville display. Its traditional design, complete with a wrap-around porch and detailed fencing, creates an idyllic scene reminiscent of the countryside. This building is ideal for those who want to incorporate agricultural elements into their model setup.

Plasticville Train Station:

No Plasticville collection is complete without a Train Station. This building is the hub of transportation, where travelers embark on exciting adventures. With its platform, waiting area, and ticket booth, the Train Station offers a glimpse into the golden age of rail travel.


Plasticville buildings have captured the hearts of collectors and hobbyists around the world. From schools and fire stations to churches and airports, each building tells a unique story and adds character to any model town or train layout. By incorporating these Plasticville buildings into your collection, you can create a captivating world that pays homage to the timeless charm of vintage Americana.