Your house is one of the important places in your life as it provides you with one of the necessities of man: shelter. You have to protect your house from the dangers that can interfere with the peace of your home, especially the usual enemy of houses, fire.    

Fire is a dangerous natural element that affects everything in its path, including your house, so it’s best to prepare for this by fire-proofing your home. Fire-proofing your home means installing or applying fire-rated materials that help you with your cause, and products like the BA-PFN-GYP Fire-Rated Uninsulated Drywall Panel is an innovative product you can install for fire-proofing your house.  

Understanding fire-rating  

Before anything else, you must know the definition of “fire rating” from fire-rated materials, as it might save you and your property from raging flames and smoke. Fire rating means the ability to contain and compartmentalize the smoke and flame for a period, not extinguishing and eliminating the smoke.  

The fire-rating ability helps to provide ample time, which ranges from thirty minutes to three hours, for the firefighters and fire marshals to act and stop the fire and smoke from spreading.  

Exploring the benefits of fire-rated materials  

When you have innovative items like fire-rated materials, benefits will surely come with them. Here’s a list of benefits that fire-rated materials provide:  

Benefit #1: Protects your assets  

You will get assured protection when installing or applying fire-rated materials to your house. These fire-rated materials usually consist of high-quality gypsum or metal with fire-resistant capabilities and superior durability from other harmful elements. The fire-rated materials prevent the fire from spreading wildly in your house, minimizing damage and creating a budget-friendly recovery from expenses.   

In addition to fire-protection capabilities, some fire-rated materials, such as doors and access panels, possess anti-corrosive properties, longevity, and, as mentioned above, superior durability. Get another set of resistance from corrosion, deterioration, and physical dents, along with the fire rating.  

Benefit #2: Protects you and other house members  

The fire-rated material’s protective capabilities are not limited to properties but also humans such as the homeowner and other house members. Installing these fire-rated materials includes protection from the vicious smoke produced by the fire, providing ample to escape the burning house and reducing the risk of lung-related injuries or fatalities that might happen.   

You need to look out for a hazardous event when a fire comes from or comes to your kitchen, along with chemical substances such as cleaning materials that fuel already raging flames and toxic fumes. Installing these exceptional fire-rated materials provides a big help in alarming situations like this, as it affects your and other house members’ health.   

Here is a list of health problems that might come if exposed to smoke for an extended period:  

  • Lung Cancer  
  • Heart Dieses and Stroke  
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)  
  • Childbirth problems for pregnant women 

Benefit #3: Additional soundproofing capabilities  

Creating fire-rated materials is primarily thick and heavy in its finished form, as these qualities are an additional defensive quality for fire resistance. Still, these two qualities provide another benefit: soundproofing that can improve the peace and tranquility of your house.   

The thick and heavy build of the fire-rated materials can block the sound from one area to another in your house. This feature is beneficial if the house consists of students or in the profession of producing sound and music, as both value and need silence.   

Benefit #4: Superb aesthetics  

If you are fire-proofing your house and value the aesthetics your home emits, the fire-rated materials do the job. These fire-rated materials, such as a door or access panel, consist of modern smooth, sleek finishes that show off aesthetics and functionality, perfect for your taste in design.   

Benefit #5: Provides additional value to your house  

When you want to sell your house, a house installed with innovative and functional products such as these fire-rated materials shall increase the total value of your home. Properties with beneficial functions such as fire-rating and other helpful functions have a high chance of getting bought in real estate!  

Things to you need to consider first before you buy fire-rated materials.  

Now that you have explored the benefits of fire-rated material, buying one is another thing. Purchasing these materials requires a good eye and a checklist to get your money’s worth and experience excellent fire-proofing abilities. A common fire-rated material is access panels, so here’s a set of tips you can follow if you are in the market for a fire-rated access panel:  

Tip #1: Identify the reason for buying  

Before buying one, ask yourself first if you need these fire-rated materials; the obvious answer is yes. Owning a house means having the responsibility to protect and maintain it, and investing in fire protection by purchasing fire-rated access panels is one the best thing you can do in taking care of your home.  

Tip #2: Identify the location, proper dimensions, and surface for the product  

Another thing to consider before purchasing a fire-rated access panel is identifying the proper size and dimensions you need for your home. You can hire a professional for this or identify the measurements yourself. Along with the dimensions, you should also consider the surface where you will install the fire-rated access panel, as there are fire-rated access panels that you can only install on specific surfaces.   

Identifying these factors is crucial to buying fire-rated access panels or any fire-rated materials, as purchasing the incorrect product is just wasteful in many aspects, such as time and resources.  

Tip #3: Quality is an essential factor  

Fire-rated materials such as fire-rated access panels’ fire-protection features shall determine the fate of you and your house during a house fire by compartmentalizing the fire and smoke for a period, which means that the quality of this product means everything.   

In identifying the quality of the fire-rated access panel, there are things that you must inspect first. First, look at the manufacturer’s profile to see if they produce quality products that cater to your needs. The second factor you need to consider is the store selling the product you want. Check its reviews to see if the store is a legitimate seller or a bogus one. You must first check these two essential factors to help with your goal of fire-proofing your house.  

Final Thoughts  

Having your own house comes with the responsibility of protecting and maintaining your home. Fire is a hazardous natural element you must prepare for as it does not choose its victims. Fire-proofing is one of the best ways to protect your home, so invest now in fire-rated materials to get the protection your house deserves!  

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