Hamptons style architecture has become increasingly popular in recent years, known for its relaxed and elegant coastal aesthetic. If you’re considering building a Hamptons-style home, there are several elements that you should incorporate into your house plans to achieve the desired look and feel.

Classic Shingle Siding:

Hamptons-style homes are typically clad in cedar shingles, which provide a classic and timeless look. The shingles can be stained or left natural, and are often arranged in a staggered pattern to create depth and texture on the exterior walls.

Dormer Windows:

Dormer windows are a hallmark of Hamptons-style architecture and add charm and character to the home. They can be functional or decorative and are often paired with a steeply pitched roof to create a classic New England look.

Gable Roofs:

A gable roof is another defining feature of Hamptons-style architecture, with its steeply pitched rooflines and triangular shapes adding interest and depth to the home’s exterior. Gable roofs can be used on all or part of the house, depending on the design.

Wide Verandas:

A wide veranda or wraparound porch is a key feature of Hamptons-style homes and provides the perfect spot for outdoor living and entertaining. Verandas can cover or uncovered and can embellish with decorative brackets or columns.

Large Windows:

Hamptons-style homes are designed to maximize natural light and take advantage of the surrounding views. Large windows with white trim are often used to create a bright and airy interior, with French doors and sliding doors opening onto the veranda or outdoor living spaces.

Coastal Colors:

Hamptons-style homes typically use a palette of coastal colors such as white, gray, and blue to create a serene and relaxed atmosphere. The exterior trim is often paint in a crisp white to contrast with the cedar shingles, while the interior walls can paint in shades of blue or gray.

Open Plan Living:

Hamptons-style homes design for relaxed and casual living. With open-plan living areas that flow seamlessly from one space to the next. The kitchen is often the heart of the home, with a large island bench and high-end appliances. While the living areas are spacious and comfortable, with plenty of seating and natural light.

Coastal Materials:

Hamptons-style homes often incorporate natural materials such as timber, stone, and marble to create a luxurious and coastal feel. Timber floors, shiplap walls, and stone fireplace surrounds are all popular design features.


Landscaping is an essential element of Hamptons-style architecture. With manicured lawns, lush gardens, and mature trees adding to the overall aesthetic. Hedges and picket fences are also common design elements, creating a sense of privacy and seclusion.

When designing your Hamptons-style home plans, it’s essential to work with an experienced architect or designer. Who understands the style and can create a cohesive and timeless design. By incorporating these key design elements. You can create a beautiful and comfortable home that embodies the classic and coastal charm of the Hamptons.

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