Are you moving into a new home with your partner? Well, you’ll need a lot of decor inspiration and you might even disagree on many terms, but worry not. We are here with the best decor tips that will make your home feel a lot more like you. Whether you’re poles apart in terms of taste, aesthetics, and preferences, you can always find common ground with stuff around the house that adds to both functionality and looks. So get your credit cards out, hop on to your laptops, and start shopping online. 

The best thing about living in this day and age is that you can get literally anything in the comfort of your home. Just pick your favorite and most trusted e-store, surf and add items to the cart, and simply pay online. All you need to make your online shopping experience smooth and successful is a high-speed internet like Windstream that offers a consistent and reliable connection. If you don’t have their service already, just pick up the phone and call Windstream so their team can help you choose the best plan for your new home. 

Once your internet issues are solved, you are all set to start picking up decoration items for your home. So before you start shopping, read our list of recommendations to decorate your home with and make a list with your partner so you both can make a mutual decision. 

Indoor Plants for your living room

Indoor plants can never go wrong in any home. They add so much life, color, and character to your space and provide a constantly refreshing feeling indoors. You just need to be mindful of the type of plants you can keep inside as not all plants can thrive in shade and indoors. Furthermore, you need to keep the size and area in mind because you don’t want a planter that is too big or too small for your room. So make sure to measure the dimensions before ordering one. 

A minimalistic coffee table 

Every home needs a coffee table not just because it looks aesthetic or uplifts your space, but because it is highly functional. You can set your dinner or tea time snacks, use it as a worktop, decorate it with candles, runners, or literally anything you like. A coffee table does not need to be too elaborate or fancy, and should not look out of place. So just as we suggest you measure your room for a plant, you also need to measure how much space you have for a table. 

Moreover, your coffee table should match with the furniture in your room. If you have white furniture, make sure you don’t end up buying a wooden textured one just because it looks too pretty.

Standing Lamps never go wrong

While we do believe your space should be well-lit, it should also have the option to dim down to set the mood when needed. And standing lamps add just the amount of romance to any room as needed. Keep in mind the pattern or print of your furniture and curtains before getting a printed shade for the lamp. In addition, if you want to play safe, just go for a neutral solid one so you can easily pair it in any room, even if you decide to change your cushion covers or curtains sometime later. 

Crochet throw blanket to make it look warm

Since we’re talking about adding character to your living room, we can’t forget the amount of warmth a throw blanket adds, and we’re all for the beautifully knitted crochet ones. Throw blankets are cozy, they can be used to decorate your sofas and their intricate yet subtle design makes you feel like you’ve truly made an effort to decorate your space. Again, we’d suggest you keep your color scheme in mind when choosing one. If your room has a bold and funky vibe, you can use a color block technique to make a statement, or just go neutral and play safe!

Printed cushions to add color

Now since we’ve been advocates of the neutral themed living space, we know it may get too boring too soon. Therefore, to make sure your room has a pop of color and just the right amount of it, we suggest you add it through some cute printed cushions to go on top of your sofa. Cushions make your sofa more comfortable, can be used to lay around when you are feeling lazy at night, and will make your room more colorful just at a glance. It is best to pair your cushions with a coffee table runner, curtains, or a throw blanket.

Ending Note

These are just some of the suggestions we have for you to upgrade your new home. Make sure you research well before placing an order online, and only shop from trusted dealers and websites. Take good measurements of your space so you can order the right size of furniture and not over-crowd your room.

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