A pool bar shed can be a fun and functional addition to your backyard. It provides a convenient spot for entertaining guests, serving drinks, and storing pool supplies. Here’s how to build a pool bar shed:

Determine the Size and Location

The first step in building a pool bar shed is to determine the size and location. Consider how many guests you plan to entertain and how much space you have available. You’ll also need to consider the location of your pool, as you want to make sure the bar is easily accessible to swimmers. Once you’ve determined the size and location, mark the area where you’ll be building the shed.

Purchase Materials

Next, purchase the necessary materials. This will include wood for the frame, roofing materials, siding, doors, and windows. You may also need additional supplies like nails, screws, and tools to complete the project.

Build the Frame

Start by building the frame of the pool bar shed. Use pressure-treated wood to create the frame, ensuring that it’s level and square. You may want to consult with a professional to ensure that the frame is sturdy and can withstand the elements.

Add Roofing Materials

Once the frame is in place, you can add the roofing materials. Use roofing shingles or metal roofing to create a durable and weather-resistant roof. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation to ensure a tight and secure fit.

Install Siding

Next, install the siding. Use wood or vinyl siding to create a seamless and attractive exterior. You may want to add insulation to the interior of the walls to keep the shed cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Add Doors and Windows

Install doors and windows to provide access to the shed and allow natural light to enter. You may want to consider adding sliding glass doors to create an indoor/outdoor feel.

Install Plumbing and Electrical

If you plan to have a sink or refrigerator in your pool bar shed, you’ll need to install plumbing and electrical. Hire a professional plumber and electrician to ensure that the work is done correctly and meets local building codes.

Add a Bar Counter and Stools

Add a bar counter and stools to create a functional and comfortable space for serving drinks and entertaining guests. Use high-quality materials like granite or quartz for the bar counter to ensure that it’s durable and easy to clean.

Decorate the Interior

Once the pool bar shed is complete, decorate the interior to create a fun and inviting space. Use outdoor-friendly decor like waterproof cushions, rugs, and curtains. You may also want to add a television or sound system for entertainment.

Tips for Building a Pool Bar Shed:

Plan Ahead

Before starting the project, make sure to plan ahead. Consider how you will use the pool bar shed and what features you want to include. This will help you determine the size and location of the shed, as well as the materials and supplies needed.

Hire Professionals for Plumbing and Electrical Work

If you plan to add plumbing or electrical to your pool bar shed, hire professionals to do the work. This will ensure that the work is done correctly and meets local building codes. It can also prevent potential safety hazards down the road.

Use Waterproof Materials

When building a pool bar shed, use waterproof materials wherever possible. This includes the roofing, siding, and interior decor. This will help to prevent damage from water and moisture, which can be a common issue in outdoor spaces.How To Build A Pool Bar Shed

Choose Durable and Easy-to-Clean Materials

When selecting materials for your pool bar shed, choose those that are durable and easy to clean. This will ensure that the space stays looking great and is easy to maintain over time. This is especially important for materials used on the bar counter, as spills and stains are likely to occur in a bar setting.

Consider Lighting and Heating

To make your pool bar shed functional in the evenings and during cooler weather, consider adding lighting and heating. This could include string lights, outdoor lamps, or a fire pit. Make sure to choose options that are safe and approved for outdoor use.

Add Storage Space

To keep your pool bar shed organized and clutter-free, consider adding storage space. This could include shelves, cabinets, or a closet. This will help you keep pool supplies, snacks, and drinks easily accessible and neatly stored away.

Incorporate Personal Style

Finally, make sure to incorporate your personal style into the design of your pool bar shed. Choose colors and decor that reflect your taste and personality. This will help you create a space that you’ll love spending time in and will impress your guests.

In conclusion, building a pool bar shed can be a fun and rewarding project that adds value to your home and enhances your outdoor living space. By following these steps and tips, you can create a functional and stylish bar area that will be the envy of your neighbors. Remember to plan ahead, use high-quality materials, and consider hiring professionals for plumbing and electrical work. With a little effort, you can enjoy a summer full of entertaining and relaxation in your new pool bar shed.How To Build A Pool Bar Shed

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