Tapestries are one of the best ways to add personality to any living space. The increasing popularity of tapestries from various styles, fabrics, sizes, and prints can make an individual choose tapestries perfectly suited to their taste and decor. They are unique options for filling a space as compared to framed, larger pieces of art.

One would certainly want the tapestry hung in their space to reflect their interests and tastes.

It can either be colorful tapestries demanding attention or something subtle to enhance the room’s aesthetic value. Let us help you in making you choose the tapestry that fits your unique personality and lets it shine through!

Size Selection for Tapestries

  • Midi– Fills a larger empty wall to impose visual interest, such as a basement or a playroom.
  • Mini– It can be hung above some furniture-centered piece, like a desk, dresser, or crib.
  • Micro– Suited to smaller sections of a wall or for a gallery display with other photos and artwork.

Choosing Tapestries That Would Match a Decorating Scheme

  • Color– In the case of white-washed walls, abstract tapestries, mandalas, and wall hangings could serve as great choices. For instance, a desirable amount of warmth can be added by picking red and orange mandala tapestries. If one prefers cool tones, white, blue, and purple combinations work superbly! Larger prints that can spread across a huge part of the wall can make a room feel cozier.
  • Modern Abstract– Tapestries that can complement a modern style of decoration for them to turn into pieces of art that one gets lost in, are highly recommended. Go for pastel shades or understated color combinations to make an effective statement. Remember little is always more. Your love for peace and panache would speak volumes.
  • Nature– Escape from the regular with the choice of tapestries that take you to the green realm of forests and nature, open skies, or palm beaches. Adding a calming energy to your space is something you can try out. Choose tapestries with prints of trees, rivers, or mountains as you please. Turn every day into a vacation by coming back to a relaxing residence full of tapestries that feature boats, beaches, or waves!
  • Love Travelling– Heal your wandering soul by transforming your home into a haven of your favorite moments and memories. You can opt for trinkets for the decor that you have collected and showcase them. The hangings and tapestries can be of the countries and cities you have visited through pointers on maps It will be like storing and cherishing a bucket list right in front of you. 

Places to Hang Tapestry 

  • Tapestries can serve as great additions to living rooms, bedrooms, or bathrooms. Consider the size and color scheme of the walls before hanging a tapestry.
  • Tapestries will either make it look better or break the aesthetic completely. Be careful in trying out different placements before finalizing one.
  • For seamless integration of the tapestry into your room, you can try the placement right above the bed or a couch, so the edge of the tapestry falls behind it slightly. It can make it look coherent and symmetric.
  • If you desire the entire focus to be levied on your chosen tapestry then place it on a wall that has plenty of space around it. It will draw all the eyes to it if it is placed around nothing else!


Selection of the perfect decorative wall tapestry for the house includes a thoughtful rumination of different factors, from style to size to placement and scheme. If you are willing to enhance the living space with artistic pieces, there should be a tapestry to match up to your liking. You should remember to pay enough attention to wall dimensions. Existing aesthetics, and of course the ambiance you have in mind. decorative wall tapestry

With careful placement and selection, these tapestries will be captivating focal zones, infusing your home with charm and personality. Embrace the versatility of tapestries to make your style preference shine through.