Cleaning is essential whether it is your house or car, or backyard. We all do the cleaning since nobody wants to live in a dirty house or drive a dusty car. Cleaning mops are probably the most common cleaning tool that we use on a regular basis.

Mops are very effortless, effective, and cheaper. These are very easy to use. But when it is time to clean the mop head, most of us do not know the proper ways and end up with a pale-looking mop head. Keep reading to learn how to clean mop heads perfectly.

Types of Mops

There are a few popular types of mops that are commonly used. Since their structures and designs are different from each other, you must know them to clean your mop’s head effectively every time. Some most used types of mops are-Regular or Standard Mops.

Hand Mops.

Spin Mops. 

Cloth Mops. 

Spray Mops. 

Twist Mops and Several More.

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How to Clean Mop Heads?

As you learned, there are several types of mops in the market. All types of mop heads can’t be cleaned in the same way. But here are some faster and more effective ways to do that.

Wash in the Washing Machine

Most modern mop heads can be washed in the washing machine. All you need to do is detach the mop head and put it in the washing machine. Use a bit more washing liquid or powder than regular washing, or use stronger ones. Wash the mop head by hand primarily, then put it with other clothes in the washer for better results. Make sure your mop is washing machine supported before doing this.

Spin, Twist, Or Slide and Wash

Spin, twist, and flat mops come with buckets that have soaking and straining compartments. Take fresh water with cleaning liquid in the bucket and soak and strain the water from the mop continuously. Do that five to eight times, and you will have a very clean mop head.

Clean by Slightly-Rough Surfaces 

This is the way for regular mops that are not possible to clean with other techniques and have no option but rubbing and twisting with hands.

Take two flat planks of wood or solid plastic plates that have slightly rough surfaces. Place one wood or plastic plat like a slope. Soak the mop head in fresh soapy water and place mop textures on that slope. Then hardly push and slide the other flat plate from up to down. Do that process until all dirt is cleaned. It is a more effective and faster way than rubbing and twisting through hands.

For small textured mops, do not detach the mop head. Hold the mop stick and push and slide back and forward on the plate.


Mops are great cleaning tools. I hope this article answers your question on how to clean mop heads properly. Dirty and unhygienic places are bad for health, and it decreases social status.

So, use mops to keep your house, vehicle, and other surfaces clean and try the given methods to have a super-clean mop head and use it like a new one every day.