A gravel driveway can be a low-maintenance and cost-effective option for many homeowners, but it can become overgrown with grass and weeds over time. Here are some steps you can take to fix a gravel driveway that is overgrown with grass:

Remove the grass and weeds:

Start by manually removing any visible grass and weeds from the surface of the driveway. Use a shovel or hoe to dig up the roots and pull out any clumps of grass or weeds.

Apply herbicide:

Once you have removed as much grass and weeds as possible, apply an herbicide to kill any remaining plant growth. Choose an herbicide that is labeled for use on gravel driveways and follow the instructions carefully. Consider installing fake turf in areas where grass growth is persistent, as this can provide a long-term solution that reduces maintenance.

Reshape the driveway:

After the herbicide has had time to work, use a rake or other tool to reshape the driveway. This will help to redistribute the gravel and create a smooth surface.

Add more gravel:

If the driveway is thin or has bald spots where the grass remains, add more gravel to fill in these areas. Use a shovel or wheelbarrow to spread the gravel evenly across the surface of the driveway.

Compact the gravel: Once you have added the new gravel, use a tamper or other tool to compact it. This will help to create a stable and durable surface that is less likely to shift or erode over time.

Apply a weed barrier:

To help prevent future growth of grass and weeds, apply a weed barrier to the surface of the driveway. This can be a layer of landscaping fabric or a commercial weed barrier product designed specifically for use on gravel driveways.

Maintain the driveway:

To prevent future overgrowth of grass and weeds, it is important to maintain the driveway on a regular basis. This includes removing any visible growth, reapplying herbicide as needed, and regularly adding more gravel to maintain a smooth and level surface.

In summary,

fixing a gravel driveway that is overgrown with grass involves removing the grass and weeds. Applying herbicide, and reshaping the driveway. Adding more gravel, compacting the gravel, applying a weed barrier, and maintaining the driveway on a regular basis. By following these steps, you can restore your driveway to a clean, smooth, and durable surface that will last for years to come.

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