Hey, y’all, so today I’m going to talk to you briefly about how to kill fungus gnats in your houseplants. Sometimes these little gnats can be so annoying. What happens is what they do. When you have a plant that’s either continually being watered or if you have soil that’s made up of a lot of organic matter, the little gnats will start to lay Laura.

And larvae into the soil which will cause your net infestation and aside from them being really annoying. They also could have an impact on the root of the plant. So it’s gonna be really important that if you start noticing that you want to go ahead and try to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

How to kill fungus gnats in your houseplants

Neem Oil :

So here are a few things: I use neem oil I got this ors

neem spray. I brought this from the local garden store. I don’t really like this one it is an organic oil. But it has a really funny smell and it’s actually expensive. So you can spray this

all over the root of the plant the leaves and everything and that will help to kill the the gnats.

Cider Vinegar :

Another thing that you might want to try is if you have it you know the adult the darknet. So others are flying all around

you might want to get rid of those. You can do that by taking a plastic cup and filling the bottom of the cup about a 1/2 a cup with a half a cup of cider vinegar.

So that would allow the gnats at are flying around too land in the cup and then drown. So sad but what would you what you would do like. I say just put the vinegar in the up you’re gonna cover it with some saran wrap or even a plastic bag. You’re gonna want to secure that really tightly and then either use tape or a rubber band. This is what it would look like you would just have the saran wrap stretch across the cup using the

rubber band to make it taut.

Then you’ll just take something into the spoke holes on the top, allowing the smelts release and the Nats. They will then fly to investigate and then get into the cup, but they cannot get back out of the way. That you can help control your Nets is what I call what I found on the internet was pumice the stone.

You would just align your top of your plants with this stone and then it would kind of smother out the gnats. Now I couldn’t find this anywhere in the store. So ended up having to order this

online but this is really cool. Because it allows the plants to look really pretty. So it’s actually it controls the net and it also makes it look beautiful .Which you know I’m all for that.

White Winegar Apple Cider :

So there is another way, the last way, which is also, probably the first thing of a try is take some vinegar white vinegar

apple cider vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle, add about four or five drops of dish detergent and then just spray that on your household plants in the soil. And everything every time you water.