The planning phase of an interstate move is both thrilling and challenging. Local and interstate moves require careful planning and many practical concerns, but an interstate move also requires acclimatization to the environment and culture of a new location.

Here are some tips for streamlining your cross-country move:

  • Plan your cross-state move a month or more in advance.
  • Make sure your interstate moving company has a COVID-19 protection plan.
  • Think about truck size, packing costs, and shuttle rates.
  • Organize and de-clutter as efficiently as possible to reduce moving costs.

An Interstate moving checklist

The process of relocating to a new state takes time and involves patience and planning. The following is a checklist when moving interstate:

Check the state and city before relocating.

We recommend that you explore your new city before settling down. It can help you learn more about the area and its communities. Visit the Visitor Center in town for brochures, maps and advice. Ask the concierge for suggestions on where to stay. You can use online research to learn more about your new state and city.

Educational Research

Do your children go to school? Put relocating school research out of your state at the top of your to-do list. Find out what neighborhoods are close to the public schools your child is considering.

Establish the cost of your move.

Moving out of state is expensive. Even if you are going alone, you will need a vehicle or container, packing materials and other things. Start by estimating your budget for moving and then list your moving expenses. Set aside cash for unexpected costs.

What is the cheapest way to transfer interstate in Brisbane?

If your budget is tight or you have limited time, getting around Australia can be challenging. Removalists in Brisbane offer a more affordable solution, and you undoubtedly have thousands of questions about how much it will cost to move across state lines. Even families with a lot of furniture may be able to save money with research, diligence, and invention.

Consider selling used furniture

Selling all your furniture and buying new ones can help you move interstate on a budget. This method works for singles, retirees, and students, but not for budget-conscious families. You may have to sell your furniture for less if you need to move quickly. Think about how quickly you need to move interstate when considering this option.

Get a trailer

Renting a trailer is less expensive than renting a vehicle to move things if your car can pull. Since gas prices are high, towing a trailer long distances isn’t fun, especially for beginners. When selecting a trailer size for your interstate move, consider using enclosed cargo trailers to protect your belongings during transportation.

Employ mobile containers

There’s a less expensive option than hiring movers, and it’s probably one you haven’t considered. Using portable containers makes moving and storage simple. After you load and stuff everything into the house, the mover moves the container to your new home (saving on labor costs).

What conditions must be met while traveling across state lines?

You will need to organize a number of things when you first arrive in Australia as each state has different laws and regulations.

Establish a running list.

It should be on your relocation to-do list to update banks, government agencies and other service providers. Online updates are simple.

Check out nearby schools

Australia has a national curriculum that applies regardless of where you live or what school you attend. Research before transferring as there are differences in certifications, subjects and school terms.

Update your registration and license.

Registration and licensing rules vary by state. Prices and process documentation may vary.

Change the address of where you vote.

If you move to be eligible to vote, you must update your address on the electoral roll.

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