When it comes to managing the cleanliness of grease traps in commercial kitchens, you need to be able to choose the correct methods. Although cleaning the equipment is essential at regular intervals throughout the year, it is necessary to take a step in the winter. Cleaning the interceptor in the winter is more important to maintain kitchen safety and plumbing.

Why grease trap cleaning is essential during the winter?

Before you call a grease trap cleaning service, it is necessary to know why you need to keep up the service in the winter months. Fats, oils, and grease or FOG melt down easily when the days are hot. Similarly, the substances become solid and hard when the temperature is low. Therefore, you need not call the professionals as often as you need to do in winter. In the summer months, the FOG flows through the drain easily when compared to the winter.

When the winter is at its peak with sub-zeroing temperatures, the fats and oils solidify and hence do not pass through the trap or the drain. Naturally, the tendency of clogs in the plumbing and drainage system is higher. With that in mind, you need to stay updated with grease trap maintenance to allow the commercial kitchen to run without any hindrances. If you are regular with the cleaning and maintenance work of grease traps thin winter, your kitchen will run at full capacity in the upcoming months.

Cleaning and maintaining the grease trap

The grease trap is installed in a commercial kitchen to collect the FOGs and prevent them from accumulating in the sewer system. Installing the equipment does not mean that it is all-pervasive. The trap is designed to hold fatty substances of a specific amount. Moreover, you have to appoint a grease trap cleaning company, such as Showpiece Commercial cleaners Parramatta, to remove those substances from the trap and ensure its efficient functioning while maintaining a clean and safe environment. The professionals not only clean the interceptor but all the components in it. Therefore, the kitchen pipes are cleared of the fatty deposits and prevent the obstruction of water flow. Eventually, the cleaning and maintenance of the interceptor reduces the risk of fire and damage to the other systems in the kitchen.

Ideally, you must clean the trap every 3 months as it keeps the system clean and ensures that the restaurant kitchen functions effortlessly. When looking for an expert with loads of experience, you have to judge a company with a positive reputation. Greaseco is an Ireland-based grease trap cleaning service with the best reputation and has loads of positive reviews. Trust them to maintain your commercial grease trap. They also offer grease trap installation services to Ireland residents.

Benefits of winter grease trap cleaning

For a well-running kitchen during the winter, you need to clean the grease trap. The device ensures that the fats and oils go with the kitchen wastewater instead of the sewer system. But in winter the fat substances solidify easily causing clogs in the system more often. Here are the reasons you need to appoint an expert for cleaning grease traps in Ireland.

·         Steer clear of clogs

Grease trap cleaning is not that expensive but ignoring it during the winter may mean that you need to go with it all over again. You surely do not want your restaurant operations to be stuck with the frequent repair of the interceptor. So, go easy with preventive maintenance and cleaning.

·         Environment-friendly

Overflowing grease traps may impair the functioning of the grease interceptor and cause the FOG to move into underground drainage. Therefore, it may harm the local environment and cause major health hazards. Don’t worry about how to clean a grease trap if you appoint experts to handle the cleaning task.

·         Avoid smells

If you want to prevent the gunk from ending up in the grease trap in the winter and the foul smell it causes, be sure to clean the equipment. If you go regular with cleaning and do it more often in the winter, you will maintain a consistent footfall in your restaurant kitchen. You will have a lot of reasons to rejoice and enjoy the holiday season crowd thronging to your eatery if you maintain the interceptor. A nice-smelling and safe kitchen goes a long way in running your business steadily.

Cleaning and maintaining the grease trap is one of the key aspects of running your commercial kitchen effortlessly. So, don’t think that you can ignore the commercial kitchen interceptor issues in the winter and not appoint a professional grease trap cleaning company. No matter what the scale of the cleaning is, make sure it happens on time.

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