Whenever we shop for a home or an apartment rental, we always seem to look for lots of space. There’s something special in being able to unwind in your dwelling, and let your spirit expand. It helps us to relax and it feels good to have both spaciousness and the favorite things we love, all around. With the rapidly rising cost of homes or rentals, though, a lot of us are having to settle for less space than we really wanted.

We also felt really cramped for space during the pandemic. All of a sudden our homes had to function as classrooms for our children and our office space too. The pressure from the pandemic and the rising housing costs have left many of us learning how to manage in smaller spaces. Fortunately, there are some designer tricks of the trade that can help you maximize the room you do have so you can do well with more limited space. When you take a designer’s approach, you’ll be very happy with the result.

Choose a Bed That Is the Perfect for the Room

If you have a small bedroom, you are going to want to make your bedding choice based on the size of the room. It’s also important to consider how you’ll place the bed, and whether it will have to be up against more than the headboard wall.

You can go online to sites like https://www.mynextmattress.co.uk/brands/sleepeezee and find just the right mattress set for your needs. You’ll also want to get just the right bedding, so you can create an element of luxury even with a smaller bed. If you create an incredibly comfortable place to sleep, the  size of the room won’t be an issue at all.

Find Creative Storage Solutions

We all seem to need a lot of storage to hold all the things we love in life. In a smaller bedroom, it’s possible to leverage some creative solutions so you can get the storage you need without the room feeling overwhelmed by big dressers and bookcases.

A bed base can support your mattress, and turn the wasted under-bed area into functional storage. Rather than a bookcase, consider hanging shelves that help decorate the room and display your treasured trinkets too. Another great creative idea is to build thin containers into the back of your artwork frames; it creates a medicine cabinet sort of space that’s great for out-of-sight storage.

Use Art and Mirrors to Help Open Up the Space

If you have a smaller bedroom, you can add a large mirror that will add reflected space to the room. It can also help if you position it just right so that it can help filter even more bright light into your bedroom. You might even consider a decorative mirror so that it functions as an art piece too.

Another designer tip you can take advantage of is to hang your art pieces high to trick your eyes. Your vision will be drawn up there, and the room will feel more expansive.