What could be more natural than shrieking when you see a pest? Mice, rats, and cockroaches are gross things to behold, especially in an indoor environment that’s supposed to be clean and hygienic. 

Pests don’t belong in homes, but they can’t possibly be inside a business. Corporate leaders work hard over the years to develop a sound business that helps people. If customers, clients, or inspectors find a pest inside a place of business, all their hard work could collapse overnight as a PR backlash, lawsuit, or fine could threaten the business.

Smart business leaders hire leading pest control experts to safeguard their future. Here’s what they offer.

Difference-Making Chemicals 

The best pest control experts use solutions with specific ingredients to kill whatever pest you need to eliminate. Their solutions are much better than the ones commercially available at your local hardware store or convenience store, and hiring them is the only way to access these proprietary solutions.

You don’t just want to kill a handful of pests, or soon, the population will grow back to what it was, and you’ll be back to square one. You need to keep your facility pest-free by using chemical solutions that get the entire job done rather than a half-measure that will keep you playing whack-a-mole.

Health Canada Approval

Don’t think that the chemical solutions aren’t environmentally friendly or safe for pets because they’re strong enough to exterminate pests and get the job done for good. The best commercial pest control experts only use ingredients approved by Health Canada in their treatments, so you can feel confident that they won’t harm the environment or create unsafe conditions for pets.

Get the best of both worlds: a pest control solution harsh enough to obliterate pests but soft enough everywhere else.

A Range of Services and Industries

Commercial pest control is something a range of industries need, from restaurants, hotels, warehouses, healthcare facilities, and more. It’s unsurprising, then, that they also need to deliver a wide range of services to serve all these different types of businesses.

When they think of pest control, most people think of killing pests like mice, rats, and cockroaches. Businesses have other, more adjacent needs, too, such as odor control, chute foaming, mosquito and bird management, and others. 

Get all the pest control services you need under one roof by hiring the best in the industry.

Tailored Approach 

No two businesses are exactly alike, nor should their approach to pest control. The nature of the facility and the pest control problem should dictate treatment, which is something a cookie-cutter approach can’t deliver.

Look for a pest control specialist who alters their approach for every assignment based on the particulars of the job. Licensed structural exterminators, vetted through the Ministry of the Environment, know their subject, and they should be empowered to take whatever approach works best for your facility.

The best commercial pest control companies have very specific ways of tackling each type of pest. The ingredients in their custom treatments differ. When inspecting for signs of an infestation, they may be quite distinct based on what pest may be present.

Ultimately, the process and solutions for pest control and local variables vary too much to hire a company that takes the same approach every time. The company you hire should see their job as an ongoing partnership to ensure business leaders, employees, and customers all have unquestioned peace of mind about being in a pest-free space, whatever it takes.

Passing Every Third-Party Audit and Inspection

When you enter a business, how do you know it’s entirely pest-free? Maybe you don’t see any pests, but how can you be certain they’re not scurrying somewhere out of view? Businesses need customers and clients to be so confident that they’re pest-free that they don’t even consciously consider questions like this.

Companies need to pass a certain gauntlet of third-party inspections to prove their facility is clean, hygienic, and entirely pest-free. The best pest control companies hire certified IMP specialists with extensive training and experience to ensure you’ll meet or exceed the requirements of various third-party compliance organizations, such as the:

  • AIB
  • FSSC
  • ISO
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Canadian Organic Standards
  • And more

Keeping pests out of your facility is essential, but so is demonstrating that you’ve done everything in your power to ensure it remains that way. Protect yourself from lawsuits, fines, and devastating PR backlashes. 

Leading companies provide a range of documentation to support their work, including a logbook, device map, licenses, certificates, safety sheets, and more. It may sound odd, but being pest-free isn’t enough when it comes to commercial protection. Businesses must prove that they’ve taken the necessary steps to keep their facilities clean and secure, or there could be problems. 

People Who Care

If a company fails a pest control audit or a customer takes a picture of a pest inside their premises, the consequences can be enormous. A lot is riding on pest control, and you need a company that provides genuine care and concern. 

Your pest control company should know who you are and be invested in your success. Some larger pest control companies treat their clients like a number. 

Look for a locally owned business with a dedicated account manager so they know who you are and understand your business. They should be familiar with your case history. You shouldn’t need to remind them of previous treatments, let alone who you are. You won’t struggle to get a real person on the phone when there’s a team of people dedicated to your company working for you.

Companies have a lot on the line when it comes to ensuring they’re pest-free. Having pests on the premises can result in health problems, fines, and terrible publicity. Look for a leader in Toronto pest control who can tick off all the above boxes, and your company will be in good hands. 

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