Skirting boards in a room is essential in covering surfaces and giving your space a completely good look. There are different types of skirting boards you can choose for your home. The type and material of a skirting board should match your home design to give it an aesthetic appeal. There are several skirting board materials available in the market. Most individuals settle for mdf primed skirting board while others select a different type. 

Wood Skirting Boards

These are skirting boards purely made from wood. This is the most popular skirting board due to its natural beauty and versatility. Those made from hardwood are durable and highly resistant to wear and tear. They can withstand any pressure for a long time. Wood skirting boards are easy to install. You can carve and shape them into different designs that fit your preferences. They are also easy to customize by painting to match your home design color. When you choose wood skirting, you need to clean regularly to prevent warping or movement over time. 

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

This is a synthetic plastic material used by most people for skirting. It is popular due to its availability and affordability. These materials require low maintenance and do not require regular repair. They are known to be the most affordable skirting materials. PVC is best in areas that are prone to dampness like kitchens and bathrooms. This is because they are highly resistant to moisture. Their resistance to fading, scratching, and impact makes them a good choice for a skirting board.

Medium-density Fiberboard (MFB)

This is a composite wood material that is made up of resins and small wood fibers. They are more affordable compared to solid wood skirting boards. They have a smooth surface that can easily painted to give your space an appealing sight. MDF can also be shaped into different profiles and designs. An MDF-primed skirting board is highly stable because they are not prone to warping. They can easily installed using nails or adhesives. 

Stone or Concrete

Some skirting boards made from concrete or stones. Although it takes time to create and install, they are durable and give your space an elegant look. They are not usually used at home but common in contemporary interior designs. 


Aluminum skirting boards can used to give your home a sleek and modern look. These boards are durable and highly resistant to splitting, warping, and cracking. Other than this, they are easy to clean and maintain. They do not need regular painting and cleaning. You clean them using a damp cloth to clean and remove dust.  


There are several skirting board materials available in the market. Individuals have the freedom to pick a skirting board that best fits their space and blends with their home designs. Skirting boards made of wood, PVC, Medium-density fiberboard, stone, and aluminum. Each of these materials can blend in well with the color and design of your room. Pick the materials that best fit your liking and match your room color and design.

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