When it comes to homes, one should always choose the best as houses are built just once in a lifetime. Good, waterproof, and long-lasting woods are extremely important for any household. It does not just help one stay care-free but also increases the resale value of the furniture and if the fittings are fitted in the house permanently, this might also increase the property value.  

People face several issues if the quality of wood is not good. In the past, people used simple techniques to prepare water-proof plywood at home. But now, due to advanced technology, there is a wide variety of waterproof plywood available in the market. And you can choose any depending on your need. A wide range of marine-resistant wood is now present in the market.

Using such high-quality Plywood prevents bugs from entering the house and keeps the material in the furniture safe. A single termite can enter the windows, doors, and almirahs and demolish them. And that’s when the termite-resistant options peep in. A lot of people might choose a temporary solution to avoid these pests but this will only solve the problem temporarily.

So, choose a permanent solution like going for termite-free plywood. These days, different woods are used for different climate conditions, and specific woods are preferred to resist particular termite attacks. One of the best plywood amongst all of these is the BWP (Boiling Water Proof) Plywood. This wood is also called marine wood as it is capable of standing tall in water and has the longest life span. It can take any amount of heat, dust storms, etc. Several brands are providing this BWP Plywood, choosing the best depends on you.

Benefits of BWP, termite-resistant plywood

There are many benefits of termite-proof plywood than just preventing the termites from eating the furniture. Here are some:

  • Increases the Lifespan

Whenever you buy something, the durability of the product is a must. But no matter how expensive the product is or what the quality of the product is. If it is kept at a particular place for a longer period, pest or climate conditions will lead to the decaying of the product. To fight all such natural deterioration, furniture must be made of good, termite-free, BWP plywood. This will increase the life of the furniture and will keep it pest-free.

  • Saves time and cost

Wooden furniture is expensive and requires less maintenance. To reduce the hassle of buying wooden furniture again and again one should invest in quality BWP woods at once. This will also help reduce the cost of buying new furniture now and then. Yes, good termite-free plywood is a bit more expensive than normal ply but it is worth the investment.

  • Is useful and good for all weather conditions

Termites are usually attracted to moisture and they usually attack during the rainy season or winter. By using a termite-free, BWP ply, you are treating the problem from the roots. A block of good quality wood will not only add a finish to the furniture but will also make it moisture-free and fire-resistant.

  • Can be used for multiple purposes

Since these woods are fire, water, and termite-proof, they can be used anywhere indoors, and outdoors for building window frames or doors. The chemicals used in these furnishings are environment friendly which makes them suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.


When there is an abundance of options available in the market, one should choose the best in the market. Sainik 710 Plywood is the best of all plywood out there.

It is an affordable solution for all wood-related problems.

It is a permanent option. Sainik 710 comes in various sizes.

It protects against termite attacks.

It is a BWP plywood range and protects the damage against water. This makes it suitable for bathroom and kitchen use.

GLP (Glue Line Protection) is a unique feature present in this range. It ensures that the edges, corners, and surface layers are pasted properly to the base of the furnishings. This makes it suitable for pets and children as they might scratch or try pulling out the corners.

1.All the Sainik 710 products have 8 years of warranty which helps the customer to get rest assured about any mishap or natural damage.

All these products are available on multiple online shopping platforms and you can easily get one from Amazon or Flipkart.

.All the century Sainik products are E1 emission compliant and harmless for the environment.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the best ply that suits you and meets your requirements. Investing in good quality plywood is like a lifetime investment. Buying any random plywood can cause a lot of trouble and can lead to reconstruction. A wide range of BWP, termite-resistant plywood is present, choose the right one.

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