The purchase of real estate in Thailand is not only an opportunity to own a home on the sea coast for vacationing but a good investment perspective. Your own accommodation at the resort will allow you to rest comfortably, regardless of the season. After all, you will not need to worry about the availability of hotels, and rising prices during peak tourist activity. Also, you can rent out your homes for a short time to return the investment, the flow of tourists in Thailand does not stop all year round. If you have plans to buy sea view property in Thailand, whether it’s for living, or as a real estate investment, there are a few things to consider.  

Important nuances of buying real estate in Thailand

The purchase of real estate in Thailand does not take a lot of time or effort. The procedure is quite simple and straightforward. However, it does not mean that a foreign investor should hurry. Property on the island is intended to be a rational choice after evaluating all benefits and drawbacks. So, there is a list of the most important nuances to pay attention to in the process of property selection.

  • The infrastructure near the apartment.

It is always extremely comfortable when you do not travel somewhere to buy food or clothes. Massage parlors, markets, small stores, shopping centers and restaurants are of paramount importance. When all of this is located within walking distance, it makes a resident appreciate the destination even more.

  • Not to buy property on the first and last floor. 

The first and the last floor should be avoided when choosing, the first floor is often damp and the upper floors are difficult to get to in case the elevator breaks down, especially when it comes to the debilitating heat.

  • Availability of a pool. 

The pool should be in the condo, not on the roof surface. The shade from the building falling on it provides a comfortable experience on a hot day.

The property should have a foreign quota, so there is an opportunity to resell it at any time.

It is desirable not to consider apartments located at a distance of more than 1 km from the transport stops.

Condominium must have a fresh renovation, so that later there are no problems.

Cultural peculiarities of Thailand 

When you consider visiting foreign country with lots of cultural peculiarities, it would be wise to become aware of at least some of them. Moreover, you are planning to invest in one of the most popular spheres of the country. 

Thailand has a different chronology

Strange as it may sound, but in Thailand it is 2565. The reason is that the country doesn’t use the usual Gregorian calendar, but the Buddhist calendar, which is 543 years ahead of ours. According to the Buddhist calendar, the beginning of the calendar falls on the year when the Buddha went to nirvana.

Religion in Thailand 

Despite the huge number of Buddhist temples (over 32,000), Thailand has a large Muslim population. According to the statistics, Thailand’s population in 2022 is 69.6 million people, of whom 94.6% are Buddhists and 4.3% are Muslims.

In the south of the country there is a large group of Malays, most of whom practice Islam. This religion is also widespread in the north of Thailand, parts of which were for a long time a part of Burma, as well as under strong Chinese influence. By the way, even today one in seven residents of Thailand is an ethnic Chinese.

Norms of behavior 

In Thailand, a man with a naked torso should not appear in public places. It is a violation of the order.

Talking in a high tone in this country is not accepted. And a smiling person does not cause associations with a fool, a smile in response in Thailand is the norm. That’s why Thailand is often called the country of smiles.

The Thais love and respect their king very much. Many people call him a deity. Here it is better not to offend the family of the monarchs, or you can find yourself in prison for a long time.

You should not touch the head of a Thai, including a child. In addition to not liking it, the Thais also believe that the soul, which to them is super-sacred, is in the head.

Key takeaways Thailand is not only a country of profitable investments; it is a destination of an unforgettable experience. The purchase of real estate on the island is characteriz by high liquidity, consistent growth of demand, and great rental opportunities. Thailand-Real.Estate represents an exclusive collection of luxury housing in any destination of Thailand. An impressive apartment in pristine nature and well-developed infrastructure is always a sound solution. 

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