Most of the time, people skip home decor because it is time-consuming and needs proper budgeting. However, there are some cool ideas that you can use to make your home look stunning in less budget and even less time. The best things about these cool ideas are that you can pick each idea in one day and create a perfect look. Let’s check out some of the new design tricks.

1. Find another spot for flowers.

Generally, people keep their flower vases in the living room or kitchen. But you can extend your love for fresh flowers throughout the house. You can either invest in a new vase or use any of the old vases.

2. Swap out art

Whether you have a few tiny or medium-sized frames, you can easily swap out art decor with some fresh pieces that can be easily available from local stores. You can also hand paint yourself, or you can use your kids’ artwork as fresh art pieces.

3. Add a mirror

Placing a large mirror on an empty wall or above the mantel is the best idea. You can also place it in the bedroom, entryway, or hallway. It will not only make your room look good, but it will make the room brighter and bigger.

4. Attach decor items to a shelving unit.

Do have plenty of paintings with no room to put them. No problem. Hang them on the shelving unit. It will add some volume to the shelves and create the perfect place for your paintings and art.

5. Setup cozy reading spot

Are you out of space but want a dedicated reading nook? No problem. You can use your formal living room as a beautiful lounge area for double duty. You can strategically choose furniture with shapes and fabrics which are both homey and sophisticated and are also perfect for unwinding or entertaining alone.

6. Make a bold statement with black paint.

Soft black paint in the bedroom will make it feel intimate and special in multiple ways, which you can never achieve with a lighter hue. You can also add eclectic furniture, which perfectly blends with the dark color and adds more lived-in and home vibes.

7. Style empty fireplace

 There are many creative ways by which you can design your empty fireplace. You can use artwork, pottery, and candles to decorate the fireplace. Or you can convert it into a mini library.

8. Treat your windows

Adding the right window decor can create a big difference in your place. You can add fun patterns with small designs or use light colors, etc. For the kid’s room, either paint their favorite cartoon character near a window or use cartoons printed window blinds.

9. Restyle a bookshelf

Instead of keeping your book in a boring style, you can restyle your bookshelf by placing bright-colored books in your bookshelf. You can also color-coordinate your books and make them feel more cohesive. However, if you are not a big fan of books, you can place accessories like sculptures and vases or ancient decor to make the bookshelf attractive.

10. Add a sheepskin

If you feel that any area in your room is austere, using sheepskin is the best solution as they bring comfort, texture, and warmth. They are also super affordable and easily movable throughout the space as per your mood shifts and need.

11. Swap your throw pillow.

You can change your throw pillow to freshen up your bedroom or living room. Get some new shape, print, or color and make your place look new again.

12. Install a canopy

Adding a simple canopy lets you easily transfer your room into a palace filled with royalty. Add a white gauze fabric canopy, bringing an ethereal look to the dull bedroom.

13. Swap accents seasonally

You can seasonally swap your accents to get an exciting look at your place. Make sure to get different home decor items for every season.

14. Reupholster your furniture

Reupholstering your furniture will surely add some freshness to the whole place. Also, if you love eclectic decorating, you can use it to make your living room look stunning.

15. Get inspired by nature.

Make your space rich with texture which creates dimensions and warmth. You can add texture to your place even after sticking to a single color palette. You can use marble, brushed concrete, wood, jute, rattan, and seagrass to make your place look stunning.

16. Pour some love into your powder room.

You can paint and add some amazing portraits to your powder room. Adding bright colors and paintings will make your room a small pack of punch.

How do you set the table for decor?

Tables are essential in every home, but instead of creating a boring look with your tables, you can use your table for decor purposes. There are various methods for the same. Some of them are.

1. Setup a breakfast nook

If you have a window with an amazing view, you can use that place to set up your breakfast table. Put a simple round table with chairs and some table decor items, and your breakfast nuke with good vibes is ready.

2. Style your entryway

You can easily style your entryway in a modern aesthetic yet formal way by placing a traditional table on the entrance. You can also add modern abstract art pieces above it and lean some portraits against the wall.

3. Place a stool or small table in the bathroom.

You can place a small table or stool next to your bathtub to make your bathroom feel luxe and add some extra surface for organizing items. This table decor will make your bathroom look royal. home decor

4. Refresh books on the coffee table.

It’s the best idea to add new books to the collection of your coffee table books, or you can place them in various parts of your home, i.e., by simply rearranging your books for a new look.


With the above ideas, it is clear that transforming a home into a beautiful place can be easily done without extra effort. You need to invest very little time; with this, you can create a stunning-looking home.