In an era where home entertainment is a big deal, mounting a TV on the wall is becoming more and more popular. Renters and homeowners alike love sleek, space-saving setups.

But it does prompt the question: Is it possible to mount a TV without drilling holes? The decision to wall-mount TVs has become popular among landlords and tenants in recent years. This makes any living room appear more modern and clean while also saving floor space. 

It can be tricky, especially in the UK where houses are so different in age, structure, and regulations.

Here’s how you can mount your TV without drilling, featuring safe and stylish options.

Non-Drilling Challenges Home Environments

  • Plasterboard predicaments – Many homes feature plasterboard walls, which are common in modern construction. While these walls are easy to work with, they have weight limitations that may not support larger, heavier TVs.
  • Traditional troubles – Older homes in the UK often have lath and plaster walls, which can be fragile and tricky to work with. Drilling into these walls may lead to structural damage.
  • Rental restrictions – For those living in rental properties, landlords often have strict rules against drilling holes in walls. This makes it challenging to mount a TV securely.
  • Compliance with UK building standards – homes must adhere to specific building standards. For safety, any mounting method must comply with these standards.

Mounting Adhesives

The adhesive mounts are a great way to mount your TV without drilling holes. They’re attached to the wall with adhesive strips. However, their effectiveness depends on the type of wall in your home.

  • Feasibility for various wall types – Adhesive mounts work well on smooth surfaces, making them suitable for plasterboard walls. They offer weight-bearing capabilities that match the typical sizes of TVs.
  • Proper application – Installing adhesive mounts requires careful planning and precise application. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions diligently to ensure a secure hold.
  • Popular adhesive mount brands – There are lots of adhesive mounts from reputable brands like Command and No More Nails.

Pros and Cons of Adhesive Mounts

  • Pros: No drilling, suitable for plasterboard, minimal wall damage.
  • Cons: Weight limitations, not suitable for all wall types.

Floor-to-Ceiling TV Mount Telescopic Tension Systems

Tension rod or pole systems provide an alternative method for mounting a TV without drilling holes. These systems use tension created between the floor and ceiling to secure the TV mount in place.

  • Suitability ceiling heights – Tension rod systems are adaptable to various ceiling heights, making them suitable for standard UK homes with limited vertical space.
  • Installation steps – Installing a tension rod system involves adjusting the rod’s length to fit between the floor and ceiling. Ensure it’s securely in place before mounting the TV.
  • Versatility in residences –  Whether you reside in a modern apartment or an older house, tension rod systems can accommodate various room layouts and wall types.

Pros and Cons of Tension Rod Systems

  • Pros: No drilling, adaptable to ceiling height, versatile.
  • Cons: Limited to certain room layouts, not suitable for lath and plaster walls.

Freestanding and Cabinet Mounts for UK Interiors

You can place your TV anywhere you want with freestanding TV stands and cabinets.

  • Aesthetic appeal – TV stands and cabinets come in a wide range of designs that complement cosy interior trends. You can choose a style that matches your décor, from traditional to contemporary.
  • Mobility – Freestanding solutions allow you to move your TV around as needed, which is particularly convenient if you frequently rearrange your living space or if you move homes.
  • Storage benefits – Many TV stands and cabinets offer additional storage for TV accessories, DVDs, or decorative items, making them practical choices for our homes.

Pros and Cons of Freestanding and Cabinet Mounts

  • Pros – No wall attachment, versatile storage options.
  • Cons – Occupies floor space, less modern aesthetic.

Innovative Hybrid Solutions

New hybrid solutions have become popular, offering a compromise between drilling and non-drilling. These solutions minimise wall damage while ensuring stability.

  • Minimal drilling mounts – Some TV mounts require minimal drilling, typically involving a few small holes. These holes are less conspicuous and easier to repair than larger ones.
  • Removable hook – Removable hooks or mounts that use high-quality adhesives can securely hold a TV in place without drilling. They are designed to be easily removed without causing damage to the wall.
  • Specific products – Due to the unique requirements of UK homes, there are specific products designed to prevent wall damage.

Pros and Cons of Innovative Hybrid Solutions

  • Pros – Minimal drilling, removable options, balance between stability and wall damage.
  • Cons – May require some drilling, limited weight capacity.

Safety First: Specific Guidelines

You’ve got to make sure it’s safe, especially in homes with kids, pets, or lots of traffic.

  • Child and pet safety – Ensure your TV mounting solution is child and pet-proof. Tidy up and secure any loose cables to prevent accidents.
  • Regular safety checks – Conduct routine safety checks of your TV mount, as environmental factors affect stability. Ensure that it remains secure and level.
  • Immediate action –  If you notice any signs of instability or failure, immediately rectify the situation. Safety should never be compromised.

Professional TV Installation Services

For complex setups or if you’re uncertain about the best method for your home, consider using TV installation services in the UK. The benefits of professional handyman services:

  • Expert assessment of your home and specific needs.
  • Compliance with UK building regulations and safety standards.
  • Bespoke solutions for non-drilling installations.
  • Peace of mind and a guarantee of a secure setup.

Look for certified and experienced TV installation services. Read customer reviews and ask for recommendations to ensure a reputable provider.


You can mount a TV on the wall without drilling holes, and it will not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also function. It’s all about safety and suitability, whether it’s adhesive mounts, tension rods, freestanding solutions, or innovative hybrids.

By considering the pros and cons of each method and, when in doubt, leveraging professional installation services, you can achieve a safe and pleasing TV setup that complements your home’s unique characteristics.